Petit: Komisarjevsky Death Sentence About Justice

Dr. William Petit reacts to the sentencing of Joshua Komisarjevsky.
5:04 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Petit: Komisarjevsky Death Sentence About Justice
That -- it -- Rick Chapman family's really like -- thank the jury. For their very difficult decision on this case. We believe that justice has been served. We are satisfied. The defendant has been judged to be the murder the -- this. And criminal that he is and how he's been condemned the ultimate penalty. -- fixed -- -- be a little bit safer. With the -- co defendant. Locked up in facing the death penalty. We certainly have been criticized over the years that this -- Vengeance and blood lust. This is really about justice and there is a number of people he said through all of the large beer there's a number of people on that jury room. Really. We're really sure they should've -- belted -- out -- look at the facts of the case. They get only. See their way to find. One appropriate punishment that was served justice. -- -- I think Mike gearing sitting -- Nicholson. The prosecuting attorney district attorney and senior district attorney. Got about you reserve victims' advocate. Over the -- we'll. -- -- -- -- them since August of 2007. Bob -- the liaison with the state police and Jessica sheriff who did all the behind the scenes things to get all the graphics and things all the evidence presented an inappropriate -- everything that -- we know there's been tedious. -- long process for them. We also just like to thank. The public in -- we've had support from. People in Connecticut. The East Coast and really from from all over the world. We. -- to go forward with the -- Family Foundation and try to continue to create. Good out of evil. Have the memories of Jennifer and Hayley and Michaela. Be positive. Try to fulfill our. -- part -- mission statement to help. Those affected by violence help educate young people especially women in the sciences and to help those who chronic illnesses so. -- to continue forward. And try to set a good example for other people and try to get as much good tragedy is again. And of my sister my sister -- if you like to -- I just an actual abilities. A jury and then. They -- hard work that they put and every day coming in here and they listened so carefully in. They came up with -- right decision we know it's the right decision whether -- believe the death penalty or not we do have an on the books again and again there's others there was no other. Outcome that would have been correct for this it was the just -- com. Not blood -- it's not -- man. In. I just I'm very thankful that they are able to -- sit through the evidence. And to see that no matter where they fell on -- scale of for the death penalty or against them. -- from the very beginning. We thought that mr. -- suggest he was a leader and that heat had. Spotted Jennifer and it spotted -- -- -- McCalebb predict particular that this was a crime of sexual predation. And I think that the jury saw that and -- through all the other. Things that the defense was trying to but I'm wish I would classify as lies. But they saw through it anyway we got the outcome that I think is the right outcome and -- am just really happy about. Thank you. I just like to think our justice system as well as the jury members. I think -- -- worked very hard and long hours certainly seeing and feeling a lot of information. Listening to a lot of things that they would much rather not heard overseeing. I know -- a painful experience for them because they were not able to seek counseling. Or speak to family members or anyone about what they were seeing -- hearing. And that had to have been a lot of terrific information for them. I believe that our justice system is a great one and even without our defense attorneys we could not have. The on the outcome that we have so we have to even be appreciative that there are defense attorneys that will take cases like this. -- thanks to all of you for all of your support. And we have always pray that God's will will be done in this not hours but his. Hands. I believe God's will has been done.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Dr. William Petit reacts to the sentencing of Joshua Komisarjevsky.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15125308","title":"Petit: Komisarjevsky Death Sentence About Justice","url":"/US/video/william-petit-joshua-komisarjevsky-death-sentence-justice-vengence-15125308"}