Winter Chill Causes Temps to Drop Below Freezing in 35 States

Dangerously cold weather reaches as far South as Texas
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Winter Chill Causes Temps to Drop Below Freezing in 35 States
This is a special group. -- -- -- -- I'm -- company orbit as ABC news digital special report winter has a hold on the country. And it is showing no sign of letting go dangerously cold temperatures are reaching as far south as Texas. ABC's them on Bradley for joining us bundled up outside with more on the story to -- I'd and the miserable cold is sticking around and it's now reaching south places not used to dealing with conditions like these are barely coping. That deep freeze -- spreading across the deep south. Freezing rain and sleet along the Gulf of Mexico wind chills below freezing from Florida the Texas. Ice glazed highways in San Antonio but a freeze on the morning rush hour schools from Minnesota to Louisiana closed or delayed thousands across the south woke up today without -- -- to the -- usual conditions. The dangerous cold also extends across the midwest and East Coast. Look at my mind -- so well. In Indiana white out conditions caused this massive pileup behind any four. About 45 vehicles most semi tractor trailers careening into each other cars were no match. Big collisions -- just like playing like loud and a gun -- Firefighters braved freezing temperatures to cut this man from the wreckage. Believe the -- it -- even I would think here's is looking at doing it. Deplorable. Police say three people were killed at least twenty people injured. It's way -- -- Steve this Illinois ski resort didn't even bother opening. It felt like minus nineteen in Fargo -- -- -- below last night in Chicago I'm look at -- of the summer. The market went -- out of his. More than half the country under wind chill warnings and advisories today and another blast of Arctic air is on the way for this weekend into next week Stan. -- -- I get I don't know what you tomorrow I have -- cabin fever so what -- the advice the warnings are still going out running tonight despite the fact that you are bundled up and clearly not make you look anywhere enticing. But I want to ask you but this New York City and a lot of other cities across the country because of this deep freeze have been coming under attack. Because the fact that -- they didn't shut down schools and they didn't make any kind of preparations to to delay openings because the cold temperatures hot New York fair. -- then you have cabin fever I would actually do anything that is stay inside -- -- the main guy out here there and have now but where. Where it's important -- of course the cover anyway so here in New York. Big controversy about keeping schools open on now Wednesday after that monster snowstorm a foot of snow. Across the city. And the -- of Lazio's saying look you know it is our job to keep the schools open if we can do that a lot of parents concerned. About the conditions and getting their kids to school and school buses. There was also a lot of worry about parts of the city the east side in particular. Not being plow they did a pretty good job on the west side a lot of residents were -- of the mayor actually went out. I -- that part of the city and said look we didn't do a good enough job. So the second storm two weeks ago the mayor was his first storm. He got rave reviews in terms -- getting the snow picked up and in handling the response there. But this second storm not so great but the problem is or the good news for me that I be out here again. Is that there's more snow on the way and so he'll get another opportunity through so. Her exact it's a funny -- whatever -- storms hit it's almost like taxes. Garbage removal all that stuff -- its -- to the wayside everyone just wants to know how quickly are you gonna keep the streets and the sidewalks clean so. A test of the new mayor right there are right to -- Bradley thank you stayed bottled up to Africa as bad as the cold weather is today the forecast of fortune is only. Expected to get worse activist -- -- -- -- with the project details have. Are we were approaching anywhere historic lows. You know what not for right now it is certainly very cold here this afternoon heading into especially the northeast but. As you mentioned another shot a cold air coming in for later on this week and that's the one that's really going to mean business but. Let's not take anything away from what's going on right now certainly very chilly here especially when you factor in the winds. Temperatures well into the teens here across the -- -- five quarter Boston sitting at fourteen degrees still in the single digits. Here interior new England and it's colder still back into the upper midwest for we've really been dealing with the brunt of the called. Temperatures below zero up in Minnesota for northern Wisconsin as well. Eighteen degrees in Chicago right now and just doesn't perspective yes the Arctic air has reached all -- down into the southeast. The -- here represents -- -- we saw several inches in central Louisiana earlier this morning. Big time -- masses in Austin with freezing rain as well as sleet that's here in the -- Folks around the Austin area just abandoning their cars along the roadways they've been simply impassable wintry weather trying to reach. Into the Florida Panhandle but temperatures on their way up so look for conditions to start improving there. But we've -- one of these pesky patterns here where we see what we -- clipper systems. It seems like one every day and yes we have another one forming here across the Dakotas snow falling. Just east of the Bismarck area heavy snow getting geared up now just to the east of Lake Michigan some. Heavier snow showers moving into Travers city Michigan and that's going to be another theme that we see here. With winds picking up along with the cold we're going to be looking -- potential for snow squalls. But we'll focus on the system for now blizzard watches in effect for the Dakotas snow and not going to be all that heavy in that area in particular. It's the wind blowing the snow around and it's going to bring the visibility down. These clippers will continue to ride along another blast of Arctic air again are surging as we head into the weekend not getting into the northeast. Until we get into the first half of this coming week. So the weekend at least in the northeast we get a bit of a break but not before we -- Some fresh snow that -- rightist surge across the Dakotas moving to the east as we had -- -- the rest of the day on Saturday. And no stays in hand serious here downwind of each of the Great Lakes. Very strong winds along with these systems going to be enhancing the snow totals so look for pockets of three to six locally even more. Inches of snow in areas downwind of the lake Chicago he should be spared the worst of it but. 36 inches getting into much of the interior northeast as the system moves. Off to the north of New York City as well as Boston snow want to be -- light and we saw earlier this week. But again along the snow squalls that crash that happened yesterday along interstate 94 in northern Indiana unfortunately. That could be another -- here -- we continue through the next couple days as the snows ball's going to reduce visibility. And they grows very slippery and very quickly this cold going to be absolutely un relenting. Look for the rest of January to be well below average here in the upper midwest into the northeast as well. Interior parts of the northeast could struggle to get into the thirties for the next week or -- Okay are what you say that with a little bit of a smile -- and hopefully we will eventually get those. Double digit temperatures mean Spitzer used -- this announcement all right we will deal with that -- while the -- thanks so much appreciated. There is actually one place in a country where the bad weather it is. Actually welcome the mavericks international -- competition Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco take a look at this service around the world they've gathered -- hoping to catch. Catch is one thing they want to survive some of these record -- some reaching as high as fifty. Feet so when you're out there with a snowblower and you're having -- clear -- sidewalk. You know you can be dealing with a fifty foot rip -- because at the alternative. Given report as the storm is moving its way this cold weather is -- Ingrid here on the East Coast. And on Dan -- -- -- with a CBC news digital special report.

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{"id":21658470,"title":"Winter Chill Causes Temps to Drop Below Freezing in 35 States","duration":"3:00","description":"Dangerously cold weather reaches as far South as Texas","url":"/US/video/winter-chill-temps-drop-freezing-35-states-21658470","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}