ABC News Digital Report: Nor'easter, Eyes NYC, D.C.

D.C. residents prepare for travel headaches as Nor'Easter barrels down on North East.
9:28 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for ABC News Digital Report: Nor'easter, Eyes NYC, D.C.
I'm Dan -- New York with a special report on this Wednesday on a huge nor'easter moving toward the East Coast bringing a mix of snow and rain. And ABC's Karen Travers is covering the snow -- -- -- -- today she joins us now live from Washington Karen bottled up by C ready for the elements. Bundled up -- a nice break from budget had here in Washington -- -- -- just say that the heavy stuff is still to come but just a couple of minutes ago Washington DC mayor Vince gray said they'd rather err on the side of caution and keep people homes. And out of harm's way. For much of the nation marches roaring. Like -- -- in. This late winter storm is made its way to the mid Atlantic region after dumping snow across a large swath of the midwest. Chicago had its biggest snowfall of the season about ten inches Minneapolis more than nine. More than 3600 flights have been canceled. More are expected as the storm barrels of its way toward the East Coast if you're flying to or from the the northeast -- a good chance it will be canceled there's even better chance -- a significant. Yesterday it was 53. But today folks are gearing up for the most snowing nearly three years the federal government's closed for the day as well as most -- the city officials are urging people to stay off the roads. That should that be an invitation to people to go out. And you know get in a vehicle and then make it more difficult. -- the move rapidly with the cleanup. Opera. Last week Washington residents asked with the sequester. 85 billion dollars in budget cuts. This week it's the storm that's been dubbed snow Questar that has everybody buzzing. Inside the beltway the forecast is calling for possibly up to six inches of snow. Heavier amounts -- west of the city some parts of Virginia and West Virginia could see up to ten inches. In western Maryland good looking at may be more than a full. As you can see there is little snow so far here in Washington but officials are warning about the potential for power -- is as a heavy flakes kicked up. And -- -- way down the power lines stand. From the gridlock that -- typically covers there in Washington DC -- right I -- bring him Bernie Reyna from AccuWeather burning Minneapolis Chicago. They got yesterday DC getting it today and increasingly worse this afternoon who -- in the path of the storm. Well the storm will then move up toward the northeastern United States up the New England began the worst of the storm. Has already been always been focused on Northern Virginia now the Washington DC area. If I had any more hair I'd be written in Anaheim right now because 23 miles to the west. Of Washington DC toward dole as it continues to snow very heavily -- party -- to -- three inches. Down in the Richmond area seven inches down the beltway. Toward Fredericksburg and Washington DC and Baltimore it's just the mixed we've -- had over a foot of snow in the mountains of West Virginia. And across that the higher terrain of Virginia as well and that snow is still coming down there I 81. Was just awful earlier this morning and it's still pretty bad in western parts of Virginia but see. It's this -- that's the mix of rain and snow but I still think. And boy -- Ryan I gotta go back to Penn State and re learn my Motorola T. That this is going to turn back to heavy snow. Or too heavy snow in the Washington DC area are in the next couple of hours and continue into the evening hours. Still soaking rain Jersey coast even toward Philadelphia the worst of the storm for Philadelphia's going to be off to the south. The storm will move off the coast and that's -- the rain will be changing as though Washington DC. Right over toward southern part to New Jersey the other things impressive pictures already along coastal sections -- Maryland Delaware up toward New Jersey strong easterly winds some beach erosion coastal flooding. As we go through our Wednesday night in the Thursday morning and we're still going to have problems -- -- farther north as we head up in -- -- -- -- and even in the main on Friday. I don't wanna get -- snow accumulations a lot of people think I'm nuts I still think we're getting about five or six inches in Washington DC toward Baltimore but certainly -- well over a foot to the north and west. Dulles -- -- -- three miles west of DC we'll still get about 1011 inches of snow. Philadelphia may be to report I'm not looking for a big snowstorm. In New York City or even in southern New England as we go through tonight but there will be a second storm that can increase the snowfall accumulations. Thursday night in the Friday -- a very anxious day for meteorologist in our nation's capital -- -- Realism leave the resting your -- -- permitted an additional education to -- really. We want to encourage that I also want to update you right now that the Virginia Tech Virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency for for their state obviously because the storm. For -- and ask you about this you know oftentimes we joke about the fact that folks in southern states and in Washington DC think Elena more than a dusting panic sets and but the fact of the matter is as you've been pointing out this -- a pretty serious storm. What concerns -- flooding once this does go -- Well -- and flooding first all of the the other thing that there's been so much focus on the snow let's remember what's going to be happening along the coast. That we're going to have problems with the coastal flooding and beach erosion we're gonna see wind gusts fifty to sixty miles per hour it very heavy wet snow will be coming down. Throughout the afternoon. With you know and with that it could stick on trees and power lines. As far as the rain part of that I don't think there's huge problems as we go through the afternoon. But -- a lot of places rain will be changing the -- now. Rise and so we will be keeping an eyes on you as you -- keeping your eyes on this storm. Bernie we appreciate your ups your your updating your insight. All I want to bring in Jessica D'Onofrio from our Chicago station WLS and just figure -- northside Chicago I mean yesterday. You guys it's just starting to come down and -- looks like you've got a nice beautiful wintry setting which I'm sure is not the way that you've got to describe in and this. And it is really beautiful out here let me show you around a little bit this morning. Chicago -- -- really digging out and cleaning up after yesterday's snowstorm to collect here and the city crews are currently. Focusing on the side streets today they -- 284 clouds out overnight target these residential streets. We're not -- said the north side of the city in the Edgewater neighborhood where about six inches of snow fell. He is seeing a lot of cars underneath that thick layer that's now on people are headed to work this morning tell -- that they. I'm really early to cleaning up their -- -- -- the city hopes to have all of these residential streets cleared up. By the end of the day. Now what and I know he hasn't had a relatively dry winter so far right and I mean I know you're probably still rolling your eyes of saying yes six inches and still nothing to sneeze that was -- getting late in the season. But what about the response from the city have you guys had everything to you know kind of clean up quickly just because it's -- relatively mild. You know even -- they've been pretty quick to respond yesterday they had all of their plows out. Responding to the main streets and overnight I started work this morning at for -- and we saw the snow plows and the salt trucks out. Clearing off the side streets they -- they were working around the clock so. They've pretty much but they pretty much hope to get to all of them by the end the day like I said but you know we started on this side street -- thorn in the morning and they came by. Half hour later so does the response seems to be pretty quick. And what about flights -- -- more than a thousand were canceled from Chicago's O'Hare and midway airports. Our crews -- starting to kind of get the runways cleared off any any word on when they might start to resume service. -- they hope to get back to normal very soon I mean yesterday we had more than a thousand flights canceled in and out of the city of Chicago which is the most. Out of any cities so. They are hoping to get flights resume to hopefully by today tomorrow and get everything. Cleaned up -- -- -- out here in Chicago they they they cleaned up pretty fast I happen. Say Jessica you have a smile on your face and you have -- -- in your voice and I'm telling you from someone from the midwest that deals with a late winter storm. My hat is off to you can prepare hot -- and -- today it's. I'm here it's not that cold reality and -- warm up expected as well are somewhat let us now is not -- -- -- too much longer occasion or you've got. But spring is on the twentieth of march you've got saint Patrick status -- of course -- got out of some big things coming up. A lot of things coming -- if you talk to a lot of people who are cleaning up around here they're going. Where is spring and when his opening day going to have to control the on the cubs they want -- back in the city. The -- That's right just around the corner of spring training -- -- -- -- thank you so much from our station. In Chicago there. Of course we will continue to watch as the storm moves eastward on And you can see a live look at Washington DC has -- -- saying cash relatively calm there there was little bit of rain and now it seems to be snowing. Beautiful picture perfect -- of the White House have a complete report on For now though we're gonna return -- are scheduled program.

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