Winter Weather Strikes Again

Parts of the country could receive up to a foot of snow from this latest winter blast.
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Transcript for Winter Weather Strikes Again
This is a special group. Frozen from Dallas to DC folks in Texas taking -- look here trapped stopping the -- of frustration. As the latest winter storm brings traffic to a standstill in Corsica on a tax -- about an hour outside of Dallas traffic in fact backed up for at least. -- teen miles. Everyone I'm Dan clip where in New York this ABC news digital special report and it is no rest for that we -- millions of Americans hunker down forget. Another storm of snow and bitter cold. Some places including Washington DC could get off. Foot of snow today ABC's Karen Travers -- standing by tracking the storm all morning long for the nation's capital joining us. Outside Karen my apologies because guess what it's really not that bad up here in New York. Rabbit in -- and I'm -- it's pretty warm in your studio right now but. This storm here in DC is different from the previous winter storms we've had because it is sold much colder right now. The temperatures -- in the teens and if you factor in the wind -- It's around five degrees it is very very cold so -- -- -- much heavier than we've seen in those previous storm that we had over the past couple of months this is probably the most legit one that we had and -- this storm is massive that you we'll see you look at those announced its covering so much of the United States there are few places that have been unaffected by it. It's really doesn't look or feel like splitting is just around the corner it's going to take quite a bit of time before spring arrives unfortunately -- the east this late winter storms stretched across twenty states 100 million people affected by snow -- and -- cold temperatures. Even Washington DC area snow began falling overnight and picked up in intensity during the morning rush hour but the rooms -- ten -- The federal government's closed for the day the fourths no holiday this season. This system is the same one that -- massive rains -- caused mudslides in the West Coast late last week as it made its way east it caused quite a ruckus from Texas to Oklahoma. Under snow or even thunder sleep might be. Critics of Arkansas -- -- inches of -- sleet. This SUV lost control and plunged right off a bridge one person was killed two injured. In Wichita Kansas hundreds of weather related accidents leading to at least eight -- -- the winter masses causing travel nightmares. Already more than 2000 flights have been canceled. Hundreds delaying the brunt of it is on the East Coast. This just the latest chapter in -- long winter travel rose one analysis estimates that since December 1. The weather has taken and I -- billion dollars -- passengers airlines and airports. And the snow is still coming down it's actually really pretty out here it's very quiet on the streets as the snow is still falling but. This is supposed and buy some time this evening but that's when the bitter cold temperatures settling in. All the way from the midwest -- the East Coast we're looking at near record lows for the next couple of days -- Not very good -- well I'm look at the shot behind that us a lot of people out driving around suited most people just listen to they stay inside and they stay home today. They did -- the federal government said they -- closing many other businesses we'll take their cues from the government and do the same so that's hundreds of thousands of people. Not going to work in DC today. I was picked up this morning at about 1030 from my neighbor -- just a couple miles north of here in Washington. And the roads were not treated at all I was actually really surprised that some of the major routes sixteen street heads straight northwest right down into the White House concede a great shot as your heady. South into the city. And they're really not plowed Dan and there were not a lot of cars luckily on the roads a couple of -- -- -- a little bit as some people tried to get out of parking spaces and on -- the roads but it looks like. Most people decided to make this another three day weekend here in Washington lots of lucky government workers it is hanging out and enjoying this late winter storm. Dan Karen I'm sorry that you couldn't join the rest of the broadcast -- taking the day -- but had -- gone over the local bars to see how busy they are today. No I think it would just be too -- like. I've got -- navy later today but he actually. -- we've -- this is the fourth time the federal government has closed this season that's a really big number we haven't seen that several years not since that infamous snow on the get in the 2010 when. Essentially the government was shut down for an entire we eat so. He's keep coming writer on the weekends Friday's and Monday's of people are really taking advantage in having a nice long weekend my husband is off today he's one of those -- workers but. He's however home with an eleven month old babies so maybe I actually drew the better stick by being at work all day in even if a mountainous snow. Yet but you know but he could but he could hang out as flannel pajamas Seattle -- -- with the little one was absolutely adorable by the way yes are -- -- -- and it makes you get any better care. The air -- has been broken a stripper past couple of days I Ali it's getting stifling hot in here we'll send you guys something that other people about what that police vehicle and I realized I know you guys have been suffering through a lot that the that we here's -- thought that -- -- spared terrorist -- -- Karen thank you for that scores they wanted to stay dry. The snow though is making. In a mess of a lot of travel plans Chicago's -- particulate Washington Dallas Dallas Fort Worth all. You can see some of the hardest hit airports today a massive number of cancellations today 2500. Flights in total across the nation nearly 5000 flights. Have been delayed travelers. -- try to make it to work or trying to make home for a long weekend obviously being delayed. This latest storm to say what for the latest on the snow storm and -- -- the day's headline in York this digital special report.

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{"id":22754290,"title":"Winter Weather Strikes Again","duration":"3:00","description":"Parts of the country could receive up to a foot of snow from this latest winter blast.","url":"/US/video/winter-weather-foot-snow-expected-parts-country-winter-22754290","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}