Winter Weather Heads to the Northeast

Cities on the East Coast prepare for the incoming storm system.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Winter Weather Heads to the Northeast
This is a special room. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer Washington with a CBC news digital special report a cold winter blast gripping much of the nation as an icy storm sweeps up the East Coast creating some. Serious travel headaches in closing the federal government here in Washington almost 70% of the country is now covered in snow. There you see a look at the capital it's the largest blanket of snow this early in the season in more than a decade. The storm causing a messy morning -- in Philadelphia which could see up to five inches of snow today. If Philly area already getting more snow this year than all of last winter flight they are delayed for just about an hour and a half at this point. But still a lot of residual delays up and down the East Coast over to Chicago getting the worst of the cold there. These bears fans -- up outside Soldier Field last night and this morning the temperature there was a very -- one below zero. And over to New York City now where the snow is letting up a little bit but ABC's Marcy Gonzales isn't she joins us now they're alive he -- has a going out there. Hey -- analyst snowing here around 7:30 this morning you're right it isn't letting -- you can -- actually most of the snow here in Manhattan has already melted so. Not a significant storm at least here but it is having an impact on the last. Another wallop of winter like weather covering the north east -- go. Hopefully playing with no little bit you can -- a four year old -- now. Enjoy it. Enjoyment for some -- headache for others from Virginia to New York City icy snow covered roads making for a dangerous commute. I'll probably just leave -- -- might even take the metro instead of drive Tuesday stale icy -- with as much as seven inches of snow expected in some parts of the northeast air travel snarled as well. With delays and according to flight aware dot com more than thirteen 100 flights canceled this morning alone. People generally angry also been frustrated not knowing what was going to happen in Washington DC government offices closed today and in New York kids did what they could to bring on a snow day. And -- can't get here jamming -- -- out and back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They got there -- witness school canceled for many with this first major snowfall of the season. And while we are bundling up here it's nothing like they're doing in Chicago where today the temperature is one below. The cold -- -- spend this early in the season there in eighteen years pink blue and envelopes. And old -- And I doubt we are doing this same right here even -- we're just seeing some light rain and some snow flurries elsewhere in the northeast the heavier snow -- Expected to continue for the next few hours seven back to -- All right it's no one below there -- New York City actually -- pretty good out there Marcy but they conditions are changing pretty quickly right this was a fast mover. Absolutely a fast -- and we're just the conditions have changed so significantly. They said it started probably around 7:30 this morning what I can -- -- just a few hours ago. The snow was so it. Seems no legs aren't covered -- hair what I wanted to the -- -- -- huge difference. This snow is still thinking a little bit behind me here in Central -- On the streets and the sidewalks if it's melting. Already. I don't -- -- ready but there's so many New Yorkers and I know so many very excited about the possibility of a white Christmas. What are the chances what's the buzz right now there. A bit about this they you know normally the chance of a white Christmas in the northeast as he's usually only about 23%. But. I'm told it is looking much better this year because not only are we having this storm but there's another storm system that's expected to move through this weekend. And possibly yet another next week. -- since the temperatures are expected to drop over the next few days -- the chances are looking pretty good at that snow could actually did. All right some good news for snow lovers Levy's aunt -- Gonzales thank you so much. Reporting live -- from New York let's now go across the Hudson River to another area that got a good -- of snow. Overnight and this morning to be ABC's Michelle Charles Werth is standing by live in Morristown near -- New Jersey Michelle. -- -- you get there what's it like right now. Good to. Good to hear your voice. It's really cold it's right around freezing. I'll give you -- look down this is the main street in -- this is a historic towns where. Washington actually at its headquarters during the revolutionary war this is -- of -- sidewalk here. Even really shoveling doing a good job. Sure -- south street. I'll jump over a title this is definitely water proof that day. The streets look great here now I have to tell you. This is not what streets that we have been looking out all over this area. Look like we've seen a lot of fender benders we actually got stopped on the highway on route 24 that's like five minutes from here. Over near the short hills mall some -- -- be taken out of the car but -- -- here's you can actually see some war. But a lot of people hadn't been a better secondary streets are -- still and tertiary streets as well. -- snow is still coming down. The trees you can kind of see how sticky and heavy and light. And what this stuff is. So it's really been exhausting for folks trying to shovel out of it that's -- give. All kinds of props and kudos for the people have been shoveling out here but the thing is as I said it is definitely a waterproof blue day because this is wet. And sticky were right at 32 degrees and this thing is the meteorologist we work with -- telling us. We've got two more hours of the stuff and then the temperature plummets so everything that's wet. And shiny is going to be slippery and frozen. -- -- -- -- I would love to get out there Michelle I'm from Minnesota love that stuff but what I don't like is is the danger in the damage you know they're BBC reporting. Some of the major accidents just yesterday Sunday night into Monday -- any any indication that there been any injuries or or damaged in in the -- area. No none whatsoever thank goodness a lot of people staying in or staying on those main roads. Taking precautions a lot of schools are closed which is good I know. My kids schools or close I live not very far from here and very odd thing we don't always hear about. Thunder boomers 45 minutes north of us in East Rutherford. One of my colleagues up there was saying we're getting thunder boomers are -- so this is an -- storm were definitely keeping our eye on lot of people banging into each other on the secondary roads so. Definitely a day to be cautious. -- -- and before we let you go to show you're talking to folks out there looks like you're on main street. What do you hear from folks at eleven that's early snow and -- -- -- what's the mood. You know what let's -- -- around here to get show the people this -- but -- you've got the court their bill. -- now it's a mixed bag. A lot of people are loving it I love getting out here because I feel like -- was seven years old again. But we've we've run into a few people I mean -- been up since 5 o'clock this morning making sure that the sidewalks are cleaned. Making show that through the roads are passable -- of the people don't bang into one another. And we ran to a few great she grumbled -- -- but that's what. That's what life's about it's OK and I think they have a good reason they're exhausted already if it. Only new. Side of the raid at a time I'm glad that is that is whether you might have to come out here be with me. I don't know how I would love it that televising -- cosmetic -- to get this on the spirit thank you so much for coming out with a specialist Ross with that he ABC are great friends of their New York. In Moorestown New Jersey let's start out -- are forecasting team at AccuWeather we're joined by a margin. Martinez -- who's gonna give us the latest on the storm and where it's headed next margin. Okay. Think he's so much we do have a cold -- right now it's -- across the eastern United States in a storm that moved into the -- last night she is now moving through very very quickly so we have some happy -- in a short amount of time that's causing all the accident count on the -- only -- -- -- some ice and sleep just south of Washington DC. Further south -- looking -- -- showers and thunderstorms but in case is not the only system we have our -- on right now we have another clip are moving into the northern plains it's gone -- the last into the midwest tonight and I tomorrow night we're looking at it to pass through the northeast it's going to bring essence now here. In northern New England especially. In the -- of the lakes but that's systems going to the last -- but with some very cold air -- let's look at the system -- -- dealing with the right now it's causing delays on I 95 heavily traffic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It with. Frigid out there it's gonna get even colder. On Wednesday Thursday that blast of Arctic air will move into the mid Atlantic and the north east and that cold air passing across the Great Lakes will produce our ballots lake -- -- now we're talking anywhere between one. At two feet some spots could see three feet of snow and that would be a round just south of buffalo into northwest Pennsylvania right around Erie northeast Ohio -- so we do have to watch out for some -- now. Through the -- Friday. -- thank you so much before we let you go what what can folks in the middle of the country who already -- over the weekend with -- that the damaging ice north Texas Arkansas. What are conditions going to be like for them as they clean up that night. While we do have that blast -- Arctic -- -- spread -- our nation's midsection so it's going to be cold there but unfortunately I was -- -- -- going to stay dry there is another little -- -- a west of California right now -- in the Pacific and that state -- now that the cold here is in place couldn't last through so that that plains and the midwest could be looking at -- now -- for the weekend and that will make its way into the northeast staff bringing another -- it's now it's unfortunate I can't say there in the clear just flat. All right everybody needs to bundle up this is a cold one -- Martinez -- friends and AccuWeather thank you so much for joining us. And for all of you you can follow the latest on the track of the storm and the impact it is having an on the country to -- -- so much for watching this has been an ABC news digital special report. And Devin Dwyer Washington.

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