Winter Weather Causes Strain on Salt Supplies

Some areas start to mix sand with the salt to stretch out their supply for upcoming snow storms.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for Winter Weather Causes Strain on Salt Supplies
This is a special -- -- from the ABC. And then Cutler -- new -- this ABC news digital special report the snow. Don't stop the never ending a winter blast has been hitting states all season long sixteen states in fact under winter weather advisory today -- Minnesota all the way to -- Folks in Minneapolis getting hit hard today snow was falling about two inches an hour. During the morning commute the winter storm causing salt emergencies and many cities across the country. Chicago. Has had a record breaking amount of snowfall already and is expecting yet another four to eight inches today and WL STVs Jessica D'Onofrio isn't. Neighboring Naperville joining us now with more Jessica I'm sorry that you -- checking in with Morse now. Standing here we go again Naperville is about an hour west Chicago. So you know about an hour ago there was a very heavy bands coming through here. It's not -- -- in a lull and now this snow has started up again we have been watching. This not tracks go in and out of the salt barn here -- neighbor of seltzer re load for around two public works officials here. -- they -- prepared for a fast moving storm expected to hit. -- -- -- this afternoon and it's starting right now but Naperville and looking at getting. Several inches of snow today -- surprise that the accumulation will lean towards the lower and and this year the -- -- Naperville area has been pounded with 54. Inches of snow. Putting stress on -- reserves that forced the city to conserve solve this winter by using a sand and salt mixture. But not today. I am happy to tell people who live in this area that new shipments. Unsolved -- as you can see they are loading up -- gearing up for this second round. Deanna I know a lot of people are just really leery of this weather and they are keeping their fingers crossed that may be may be. This might be the last round but chances are that's not going to be the case especially since it now. There's a lot -- our winters ago there isn't there there is a lot more and I just wanna put this into perspective when you get excited for that set for the fact that you've got salt delivery. I think that kind of gives everyone -- -- the rest of the country a bit of an appreciation for what you have to endure out there. -- -- you guys could get actually seventy inches of snow before the season is over. And that's only happened what four times before the last 120 years I mean -- Your close to breaking records. -- -- we're breaking records and these are there records that we really like to break out here in Chicago -- the Chicago land area I mean it's really depleted saw reserves it's a budget buster. When it comes to snow removal budgets for cities and municipalities all around the area a lot of people. A lot of cities are going over budget -- snow removal. But a lot of on the communications directors that we've been speaking to in each one of these cities saying you know no one should panic. They are still -- -- plow and salt the streets again new shipments are coming in today those had been delayed. By this winter weather so that's been a little bit of a concern for. Public information officers are trying to tell us please don't panic. Everybody will get their assault that their roads plowed and -- traffic will keep moving what Dan what what about schools are they running out of snow days at this point. There been many days that have been that. Kids have not been able to go to school whether it's been pretty extreme -- -- this now. Today kids are in school though we haven't had any issue with that I'm sure there -- a little depressed about that because it's pretty fun to be out here. And all of this snow especially the fresh -- After a pretty but I like the fact that -- putting a positive spin on it which -- fortunately you don't have. I -- my -- choice to that. -- -- I'm gonna look like a jerk for keeping you out there for one more question in a call but I want to ask you about this because I used to work -- in Syracuse where they would get like 200 inches of snow every year. And I was always a full in the newsroom that volunteer to go out for Snow Patrol coverage. Where did you draw the short straw today or do you like going outing covering this because I know it is -- challenging -- I am so use your rent by this point and you know in all honesty -- and I stopped. Checking the forecast because I know I'm going to have to Wear three layers. You know a heavy coat. That night my hand workers might Cold -- rumors have been everything to me this winter but I'm just used to. And I don't know everybody has to cover the weather out here at channel seven in Chicago so it kind of you know -- -- get hit with it. I know what you guys do such an amazing job and you do it so effortlessly and almost everyone in the rest of the kind of like what's the big deal at seven inches of snow -- -- look -- much -- they're having out there. We try I tried to look on the bright side it's the fact that it. Well we appreciate your optimism -- appreciate your time of course for and I hope that is that not a significant -- pot there. But we certainly will. We check in with you if in fact it is Jessica. We certainly thank you for that of course -- it would that is from WLS and TV in Chicago of course complete recap right here on as the storms are making -- -- -- midwest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22554437,"title":"Winter Weather Causes Strain on Salt Supplies","duration":"3:00","description":"Some areas start to mix sand with the salt to stretch out their supply for upcoming snow storms.","url":"/US/video/winter-weather-strain-salt-supplies-22554437","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}