Wisconsin Lottery Sets Jackpot Deadline

Lotto officials are unsure how winning ticket ended up in a N.Y. lawyer's hands.
1:22 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Wisconsin Lottery Sets Jackpot Deadline
I -- lottery officials say it's 46 years of -- out money to lucky winning ticket holders they've never had a situation quite like this. In fact the mystery of who clocked a winning hot Lotto ticket more than a year ago. Could turn into a criminal investigation. -- our opinion that the citizens of Iowa. Deserve to know the story and that's what we're trying to do in this balsa and the reason the division of criminal investigation in the Iowa attorney general's office could get involved. Is because numerous people have claimed they bought the winning ticket but no one has physically come forward accepted -- lawyer need Crawford shot. Who cleans your presents -- -- that bought the ticket. There appears to me on the face of it. The criminal acts have been committed with respect to people claiming to be -- rightful owner who haven't. That's attempted fraud. Tom Connolly a local security expert says the state is Smart to get law enforcement involved. A few details raise some eyebrows recently Crawford -- has refused to reveal how he got the ticket in his hands from tax and investments to give it to lottery officials. He also incorrectly spelled the name of the investment firm when signing the ticket. It shocked south has a history of questionable business dealings including multiple lawsuits alleging fraud. It would be interesting to know if I -- from investments even existed. At the time when the -- lottery ticket was purchased.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"Lotto officials are unsure how winning ticket ended up in a N.Y. lawyer's hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15438551","title":"Wisconsin Lottery Sets Jackpot Deadline","url":"/US/video/wisconsin-lottery-sets-jackpot-deadline-15438551"}