Wisconsin Sikh Shooting: Hero Cop Shot Multiple Times

Oak Creek police chief says Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, waved off aid so others could be helped.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wisconsin Sikh Shooting: Hero Cop Shot Multiple Times
Yesterday -- 10:25 AM we received our initial call. From inside the -- temple. That there was problem going on and that somebody was finally inside of there. Wee Reese had officers responding to that scene they responded there and -- arrived within minutes of the initial call. Our first officer on scene. As he entered into the driveway area. He came upon a victim in the parking lot. And exited his vehicle and went to assist that individual he went to render aid is at that point that he was met by the suspect. Who basically ambushed him around his vehicle. The officer was shot eight to nine times. At this incident and very close range. With a handgun. At that point other officers arriving on scene and heard those gunshots were not aware that the other officer had been shot. They took of a position and did observe the suspect. In the parking lot walking. And at that point beginning began to give him commands as far as dropping his weapon and putting his hands up. Our officers are equipped with -- rifles. The officers have armed themselves with those rifles prior once they exited their vehicle. Under protocol when we react to an active shooter and that's what they were treating -- access. After giving commands to the individual which he didn't respond to he did fire. Are one -- -- vehicles it took some rounds through the windshield another one also took some -- One of the officers returned fire with his squad rifle putting the individual down. They then secured that individual and at that point. Did what is a an officer rescue. They did a part check which is common in the fire service which we've incorporated and it's basically -- way to find out where everybody's that. When rosters are senior officers on scene called for their part checked and they weren't getting a response basically what that is you call for a -- checked. You respond back with your badge number so everybody knows you're okay. We weren't getting that response back from that officer. The then knew they had to start looking for him they went to where they last knew his location was and as they approached him he waved them off he had been shot nine times. One of them very serious in the neck area. And he waved them off and told them to go into the temple to assist those in there. The officers did a officer rescue. Try to cover and carried him to a squad and got him out of the scene even though he was trying to get them to going to the temple. The officers at that point. Make sure that the suspect was not a threat anymore as far as securing him and he started to set up a perimeter. At that point.

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{"id":16940302,"title":"Wisconsin Sikh Shooting: Hero Cop Shot Multiple Times","duration":"3:00","description":"Oak Creek police chief says Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, waved off aid so others could be helped.","url":"/US/video/wisconsin-sikh-shooting-hero-cop-shot-multiple-times-16940302","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}