The Wisdom of George Lucas

The original Jedi master mentors a veteran.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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A very strong views about veterans. You know. We should spend twice as much on a veterans as we do council. You know that's part of the obligation nations be written is that this will fuel cost -- whatever costs. You know to keep you in here for four years but we will spend that much. In the next four years in the next eight years. Have to get back. And we will hope to get a job and -- optic carrier. Big concentration house to get them more common if you look at -- yeah it economically this but it really just don't know what they've done a great thing. That would then help change the culture Tuesday. These guys are heroes we need help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will help in anyway we found. Fantastic soldier whose head to re going to film -- entire life. Your chance to me -- Here is -- I think -- -- thank you so much well thank you. Where do you start at. When you think of a movie. The first thing you -- terrible idea. The basic story of our work was this is how democracy. And dictatorship. Did you futuristic society but it's not. It today contemporary -- exactly what -- was -- in the sixties. The first thing you -- a two of which are well under way it is to have enough of a life experience and education. And things of that film. You know what -- movies about you know use the analogy of war a lot. Because it is like. You do or die. You may not know where they're making a sticker. But you can't dwell you don't have time to dwell. You make a mistake you make a mistake maybe you can fix it later -- can't you have to go through and do it. And you have to get to the other hand and you're taking this train with you. 253500. To 300 people really have to -- -- -- -- problem is so you can go and say I know you've got this problem. An earlier climbing this hill. I appreciated and I'm here to help you. So it could bring -- a roadblock or something -- flipped on the hill. Let me know and we'll work -- out it's very -- so I'm. Learning to the a young officer David kinda make you go through. A basic course and then like a ranger school and CBS if they have always experience that would like the machine -- on what's like could be. Point -- so and so forth in the when he gets the point of actually meeting people. You notice -- -- it is 655. Five standing side. You can study and become a good director but you're not gonna get to the next level. In any art form. Unless you're really talented and you're gonna find out when you're talented if you can see things and do things other people can't. But you don't know you -- Part of that is just it. A skill of thinking outside the box of looking at things slightly differently obscene minutia that most people -- -- You know it's not some amazing thing but making certain connections and -- The hardest part the part and never get over. And at the heart of for a start with the -- -- to get your brain to put down on Pete paper and can visualize wouldn't want to do -- is looking yourself on the -- -- what can do -- And why can't it be better at this but. Having an eye on what your what you enjoy the most -- Most important thing of -- -- Now Hanks experience and Lucas film doesn't just and there. You can check back to follow -- -- he meets with George Lucas's animation sound and special effects experts. I'm standing up for here.

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{"id":16952093,"title":"The Wisdom of George Lucas","duration":"3:00","description":"The original Jedi master mentors a veteran.","url":"/US/video/wisdom-george-lucas-16952093","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}