Witness 'Overwhelmed' by Clementi Suicide

Rutgers student Molly Wei testifies at the webcam spying trial of Dharun Ravi.
2:02 | 02/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Witness 'Overwhelmed' by Clementi Suicide
Key testimony continues today in the trial of a former Rutgers University student -- spying on as a roommates and dorm encounter with another man. And this morning Molly Wei told jurors about the day that she was arrested in connection with the case -- a live picture here -- her testimony is continuing right now inside the courtroom. Eyewitness News reporter Marcy Gonzales is following the trough for -- in New Brunswick with more -- Laurie she talked about her arrest and she talked about her first encounter with police which led to one of the key points of the day. The jury had not heard any mention of Clementi suicide until Molly Wei took the stand this morning. Court back in session and they hate crime case against former Rutgers University student -- room Robbie. On the stand the prosecution's key witness Molly -- cross examined and sharing emotional insight into the first conversation she had with police. Well it was very overwhelming because at the end of the conversation. The police officers told me. That they believe Tyler is missing and that he possibly commit suicide in. I was getting very. I was it's sad overwhelmed I felt. Very -- if anything had happened. What happened before Clemente took his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge the focus that this case. Prosecutors claim Robbie deliberately -- to humiliate -- but remotely activating his computer's webcam while Clemente was alone with another man. That use Twitter to -- his friends to watch. While on the stand today wait testified that she didn't know about the -- until well after they were sent however yesterday she told the jury -- did switch the web -- on more than -- and what they witnessed was no accident there. How was he. Only just shocked and trying to. Surprise. At what he saw. Speaking out he made it -- and the like he is scale arson thing.

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{"id":15808809,"title":"Witness 'Overwhelmed' by Clementi Suicide","duration":"2:02","description":"Rutgers student Molly Wei testifies at the webcam spying trial of Dharun Ravi. ","url":"/US/video/witness-overwhelmed-clementi-suicide-15808809","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}