Woman Accused of Faking Cancer for Money

Martha Nicholas was arrested for obtaining money under false pretenses.
1:04 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Woman Accused of Faking Cancer for Money
I refuse to believe it. Because I'm thinking no one makes us up -- -- Kelly felt helps raise more than 500 dollars from Martin Nicholas these British charts that they've come up west. So instead of us ordinance all -- we decided we go ahead and order these. But the recent charges against Nicholas had many of those who stood by her feeling cheated you know it's hard I think we have a personal relationship with someone you trust that they're being honest with -- was heavily involved in the American cancer society's relay for life. And most never suspected she didn't have cancer. With the -- -- requirements you know there's no way that we can. Violated patients' privacy -- someone presents to us that -- cancer patient or cancer survivor we take them at their word. The ACS -- this doesn't deter people from supporting reputable organizations. With another friend suffering from cancer. Phelps says it won't deter her come the spring I'll do another fund raiser -- to help raise money to help them pay their medical expenses because. It's legitimate but now I'm not mad but I do it again.

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{"duration":"1:04","description":"Martha Nicholas was arrested for obtaining money under false pretenses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15124621","title":"Woman Accused of Faking Cancer for Money","url":"/US/video/woman-accused-faking-cancer-money-15124621"}