Woman Accuses Teacher of Sexually Abusing Her 16 Years Ago

Former student in her late twenties confronts teacher on phone, video tapes it and puts on Internet.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for Woman Accuses Teacher of Sexually Abusing Her 16 Years Ago
We're here today because. Jamie -- and -- is her first name only and her fiance Ryan. Are here because. Something incredibly unique this happened in the past few days. Jamie was a victim of childhood sexual abuse when she was in eighth -- back in 1999. And in eighth grade. She was attending a middle school and Riverside county. And played on the girl's basketball team. Her basketball coach Andrea -- -- Sexually exploited her took advantage have -- manipulated her. And sexually abused -- starting in eighth grade in 1999. That continued. Over the next few years. -- -- in 1999. There appears at least our information is there appears to have been some sort of investigation. By the school. Into ms. Cardoza his relationship -- Jamie. And apparently that somehow ended with -- Cardoza. Agreeing to resign from the school. And perhaps -- give in. A positive. Recommendation. So that she could go on. To find employment elsewhere. That's typically called passing the trash. If that is in fact -- -- and a degree that's absolutely outrageous conduct. However the other aspect of the story is this. Is that -- in next. Many years of her life -- struggled with what happened. And she became an adult and ultimately. She had children of her -- And as her oldest child reached. The similar age as to when she was in middle school. She realize. Just how she had been manipulated. Back when she is about the same age and she wanted to do something about it. And she wanted to make sure that ms. Cardoza is now harming other children. And so she looked up ms. Cardoza and was able to find her. And was shocked. To see that she was a school administrator. Here in Alhambra. Alhambra high school. She was the assistant principal. And so on a -- -- Wanted to call her and confront her. And -- know that's normal for many adult victims. Would survive sexual abuse as a child want to confront. There. The perpetrators. And so. You've seen the YouTube video what she did was she called -- the high school she had no idea -- you even get through this lady. But she did get -- And ms. Cardoza picked up the phone. And Jamie confronted her right then and there and she had it being taped but she sat at her home buyer computer. And -- Cardoza admitted. To sexually abusing and molesting her. -- Only reason for then posting that -- -- because she thought her mind as the only way that's something we come of this. Otherwise known a believer nothing would be done -- -- would continue being a school administrator. And so she posted it. And really had no idea what would happen next. What happened next. Is. The principal learned about the YouTube video clip. And within hours ms. Cardoza resigned her position. With the school. The police investigation. Apparently is under way. It's my information at the Riverside police department is investigating. This crime. And that's where things stand today. Jamie does want to say a few words -- -- have her come up here. And speak. It is going to start doing things -- The reason why. I wanted to do this. To expose her for what she really was. To protect other kids. Because she shouldn't be around it anyone's kids. It took a lot for me -- come forward. But. I kept thinking about my own kids and -- I wouldn't want anything happened and then. And -- -- said. When I found out that she was teaching at this school. She shouldn't be here. And I just wanted to make every one. That helped me to have my video go viral. I didn't think that. It would go viral that fast. I'm glad that it did. And I'm glad that -- -- -- don't have any questions. Convinces us. Which are really. Molestation and -- she admitted to it and so sorry I think other people are going to be coming forward. It's. Just being mean you don't resign if he didn't do anything. -- It was completely. -- And -- it -- do anything to it exists. Right after it had been -- put it on YouTube and -- and the links to the assistant principal. Any other questions. I think that if you regret something they -- of politics for it. And when you're sorry for something to say it. And it doesn't take a long time say it. She didn't say anything there's no apology. I didn't hear ours I know. What she sounds like she's remorseful and I didn't care. Thanks stone. Maybe now it. A case like this it's like man. And that's. There's two different areas are talking about in the criminal arena. The statue limitations. It's not a hard and fast rule. I can't stand here say it's actually ten years because there's a lot of factors that make that statue of limitations on a moving target so to speak. And in the civil arena -- the same thing it's a very complex confusing statute. But I will say this the fact that the police are investigating gives me hope. -- on the criminal side. That they will have enough information to press charges -- you do you think in cases like this point need. Pain. So what. I've always been incredibly strong proponent that the statue limitations for victims of child abuse should always be. Basically indeterminate. You know because we all know that people like Jamie come forward in their early twenties and thirties in their forties. With -- legitimate. Cases and legitimate crime to happen when their kids and there's legitimate reasons for them not coming forward sooner. And so the law has changed. It's gotten better for big -- they could still be improved again and maybe even stronger for victims mystery we're. Quarter. We're gonna happen no other government. -- that we. I do know that there's a law in California says if you're recording a conversation you're supposed to have the consent of the other party. Jamie had no idea that there -- such -- -- in California when she. Made that recording. And frankly in my opinion. I think -- be a travesty of justice for anyone to even suggest. That somehow she did something wrong when what she's done she's got in. And administrators school administrator off the streets -- the school's who has admitted. To do something horrible -- this girl and -- ten. My contact was her -- didn't end until all captured I was eighteen years old. I -- The after eighteen sometime. I hadn't spoken to -- for about seven years. Until I had made that call. Jamie used the video she brainwashed you. Can you tell us more about how I have. She told me and my family didn't love me she told me that nobody cared about. And that. She was the only when their loved me and -- only one that was there for me. She made me believe that she was my only friend. And that could trust her. And it's. It's difficult. Because. I'm still. Coming to terms with the fact that it. It was really wasn't in my head. Way. Patient. Really did. Maybe believes in everything -- said. To the point where I didn't know that it was wrong. And I believe that she has done this multiple times. And I'm not the only one. And -- other victims -- step forward. I know that it's hard. That just just as need to be done. She should -- be on the streets at all. So if other victims see this. I'm hoping that. Minute Kurtz to step forward as well. You need anything easy. -- units and -- certain locations. -- -- -- on things and -- wanna be your friend. -- -- She told me that she -- -- embarrass me. And friend my friends and my family. By telling them that I was a lesbian. And then I did all kinds of stuff -- her and as a child. I believed her and the embarrassment was too great for me to come forward. She threatened me with her life multiple times she said that she -- killers of defiance for left. I believe that. I'm not okay. -- Noticed someone like friends. At the moment and had a lot -- Responses from. My video. And I'm still sifting through emails. And comments. And there are a few people today I think that I she. -- -- find out if anything did happen because they're adamant about talking to me. -- He's telling how long it. It was off and I -- so. I was over the age of eighteen. Cannon in the video like yours. For. So then there's anything else. Like the thing. -- -- You know the only thing I think airplane I think about having another conversation. With -- Paris just. That she -- She continues to -- And she said there was no more but I. I don't believe in. I -- a minor ones. Because -- felt that I got when I mean she admitted to -- she did and that's what I warning. I didn't -- Talking -- and give her that opportunity this -- -- lives. I'm I'm a civil lawyer so. Did the criminal part of the cases up to the law enforcement into the deputy district attorney's office. And all decided if they can and will press charges. As far as a civil case I'm exploring that option because did it isn't that true. -- at a school district allowed her to resign. In the wake knowing. Something in a problem and -- inappropriate happened and then gave her a letter of recommendation. And handled cases like that in the past. Repulsive despicable conduct and school districts and yet it still goes on today. Clearly went on in the ninety's I've seen it happen even in the past few years. So as sons and I'm looking -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't even get my husband she's coming. It's my understanding is that this Cardoza has has. Truly bounced around from several schools and school districts over the past. Ten years. And there might that might be legitimate and it might not be legitimate and so we are going to look into that employment trail and see where it leads us. And tell them. Then he wants to turn -- what it. From the beginning I just wanted her to not be working around children -- and Baghdad. And in the beginning I thought there was nothing I can do it but actors. -- obviously there is something I can -- you. And now. I'm going to do it coming and CNN that same -- jailers. I'm sorry I can't. -- -- I'm. -- This is the first time ever spoken about it. Parents didn't know. And I've always denied any. Anything going on. You are your parents -- -- Let me answer that guy again ninth grade there apparently was some sort of investigation into the relationship. And it's not clear where that ended but as I said it appears -- -- Cardoza. Left the school under a cloud of suspicion. Yeah I was able to get a job elsewhere when investing. Apparently by -- law enforcement. And by the school district. -- laughing and I investigation what. Apparently there is a rumor that there is some sort of inappropriate behavior by mr. -- -- And that some investigation ensued. And -- -- soon thereafter left the school and obtain employment elsewhere. That's all I know at this point but it wouldn't -- much. It was not initiated by. They attended school district where reside in the more -- -- -- -- -- I haven't done. I've heard nothing from the -- this. Where -- -- having been in contact with any of the others. Okay thank you. And -- -- You know what mean -- Anyway yeah. And stylus that -- -- This started in -- parade continued sporadically throughout high school and it ended. This -- she got out of high school and then there's no there's no talk from that time so a phone call was made. Last week all right thank you folks appreciate you coming and it.

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{"id":21605334,"title":"Woman Accuses Teacher of Sexually Abusing Her 16 Years Ago","duration":"3:00","description":"Former student in her late twenties confronts teacher on phone, video tapes it and puts on Internet.","url":"/US/video/woman-accuses-teacher-sexually-abusing-16-years-ago-21605334","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}