Woman Allegedly Torches Car for Breast Implants

Louisiana police say Amanda Perkins planned to use money from fire damage for cosmetic surgery.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Woman Allegedly Torches Car for Breast Implants
-- -- -- -- That isn't reasonable cooked -- You think a lot of better ways to make that money. That's the typical reaction from neighbors who now know why. Car parts and -- -- are all that's left in the back of this apartment complex it was a planned months in the making. That's the -- there. Restaurant employees say Williams with a customer and according to the arrest warrant she used a rapper from one of their burgers to start the fire -- says Williams. -- -- -- -- Yes Chelsea before we gas could disarm. Lighting it. The ward says the night before Williams told neighbors not to park on the back row the parking lot tonight. Do you warn me that a car was going to be on fire and then. Few moments later O'Donnell and cause -- fire. The warrant says Williams confessed she went back to apartment -- hours because he was taking longer than expected. -- one man didn't you read -- warning his car on fire caused 141000. Dollars in damage. Didn't take long there there are -- -- that fire. Has exploded tires. And now instead of cosmetic surgery Williams faces up to fifteen years in prison. In 151000. Dollars in fines. -- -- -- We found -- done for so many different reasons. They objective here is not the reason why I've put all we want to find out who did it when they did it and we -- -- -- -- do.

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{"id":17347800,"title":"Woman Allegedly Torches Car for Breast Implants","duration":"3:00","description":"Louisiana police say Amanda Perkins planned to use money from fire damage for cosmetic surgery.","url":"/US/video/woman-allegedly-torches-car-for-breast-implants-17347800","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}