Woman describes heartbreaking moment she lost husband to COVID-19

Erika Cave-Miller’s husband died from the virus just days after being diagnosed.
9:42 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Woman describes heartbreaking moment she lost husband to COVID-19
And he for this talking point morn more over the last couple days that people die from being. Or they dine recessions that's true. It's also easier to say if you haven't seen someone dies from coping nineteenth is also easier if you think that only affects the elderly the infirm people who were probably gonna go anyway but simply not the reality not all of it and with that I want to turn Erica Kane Miller should listen Nassau county New York's targets at a queens on Long Island. More than 600 Americans have died from this virus so far one of them was America's husband Jermaine Erica thanks much for being with us. Think it hadn't. True to life how old was Jermaine Erica we're. Good kind of action marine with 44 years old. He returned 45 point Moore actually harms you all ran almost 67 homes on his goal was we came up. You know he never had to pay for basketball. So what he'd say it is he trick or treat time trendy shoes for free. Took money on all copies just for the kids can have a safe space. It's also can you take me back to know before this started I mean when did you realize that something was wrong. All of this was all their own. The Wednesday which was in March 11 he's like Schuessel quarter and full so cold. Chronicle how often he's ATMs cold so easily won't know how true good. Some moral which have been Thursday's unfortunate product. So there goes a column. I was headed to a casino and turn around Szostak because we'll cease. What's in my husband and I took control Argentina. Sold on the that's okay here at times to Mitchell's one on one point five. And they said he had. Pneumonia silly game antibiotic. Since and home. The next day ash doesn't think a condition. It was one ultimately. Also people who we would sit desolate city ER so we got the it was a lot of it was a lot of people weren't there. And you know everyone covered up in mass. We waited via phone while. In phone utility Kentucky was coming out asking questions. Then they moved us in full of womb. So while we never whom. We're talking missing owned an apple doing. And introduce about. Besides talking with scorn on his oldest Al salaam stand in the whole week. I see this thing could Arnold sticker Monica have to stick on the door so what does this form. And they've got like well you know and contestants will hold in nineteen so be awhile before the results come back flip. Just Melissa home. Something with his lungs but right now normally it is. So I silky black and I think nothing because if he has anything on his life I have absolutely just stay within. They only know he would not let me singing solos in escorted out the hospital. Completes some previously two days after he first said oh and I'm feeling really cold here because that was almost eleven to one. Analysis Friday. And then Monday night that's when he said he had Covert nineteen the last communication I have known him for scrutiny. And that's only because they dated him improbable one machine collect events later. Yes yes so I had no communication with him. Marking the occasion was only with the hospital. And the nurses and doctors do not call contact lenses and you know. At this point unlike you know I can't easier acting. I felt so helpless I don't feel like Murmansk wasn't too. He needs somebody with a niece and my impression of him from buying the of the Ginn couldn't do anything. So what I want to lose I'll just takes a soulful almost single once he commodities you can see. Exercises you don't keep him on annual school Nolan column you know stay strong he didn't get through this you know we're playing for you. And you'll be okay I did not look like muscles get Omar you know. A government tone green collapsed on the scene also don't really compete passive in his Hazel Clark did a great job. You know distinguish fantasy some kind of communications all of this extremely volatile he wasn't. Since I thought right away but my thing was once commodities that can easily see everything. And he he no doubt noble here with him. But then. There yet. Only stay. I spoke to adopt a day of mourning. And he was advised me don't you know look at them into music. The more his car typically it was them for ten hours. And thousands are being Wednesday it is funky vehicle into his lungs. And. Birthday afternoon. Someone actually around 2 o'clock. Got does Cole should only be armament doctors. Doctors hope he stays in hell are as I say yes he is and I'm sorry. And missed all of don't know who say I'm sorry I just jumped the fall and I ran upstairs. And I have to break the rules so families can you knew you knew what he was not a sex. I'm I'm who I know exactly what I what I what I what I want to hear what I'm a little less. And I thought the fool. Yeah. The forum and didn't pull a fast all the sandy earth and my house's muscles. It's my son. Jay almost twenty games console fishing on the homes aren't and that my mom's a dream. She stated I'm assistant. I don't. He's downstairs Arlene. Is and when I say everybody does it. Has lost. And I just I just astounding shall I Cecil Holmes. Don't you shaking and everybody was just its morning. News. I just couldn't believe it I was not deaths nestled faithful you never. Ever thought. They're lucky Apple's. When he never (%expletive) it's dinner package he had to take activated to get an important mom. Closed at a funeral how rational for all its. Someone parents to travel at a challenge Colin. It was the worst feeling of my life one. The dead and the constant from hospital to be Jaclyn Allen Linda. And citizen and I. Like to see a husband. CES salaam got dressed me Mossad. And got a vote of lots of rocks the hospital. We got here we have to put on gloves masks groundless crime problem legs arms everything. So. I seemingly in hand and solid woman walked in a home. And I just told him. I'm so sorry the article goes a long because he had to be alone he bush says he's bought himself. Capsule I'm always I'm always gotta love these groups are. An almost continue to teach you about fame. I'm also look I have listened to had a little continue to meet our own. You and didn't because of this imprint over him and didn't walk a guide as soon belong gains. Deal with the that we had to wipe everything down went hostile with them. And then we left the hospital. Cynthia Mike. In the normal world when when this virus is in a thing. Can you start thing and at the funeral you start thinking about the burial but he is that if I'd like I don't even know how that works. Wells eye contact additional homes and they work will be wondering how to production commencing with the roof we were part tested positive as volatile. Think we. Haven't had symptoms mural chase so. We have to take up to the charities are lasting for Doris of the 26. Please are you guys all they're together yes. Yes and lots of old book. I compulsion but it cannot be no woman should T I'm even thought about that that you can't have more than fifty people in one place nest camera only fifty people warm place. Everything is all holes they can be we have him Netanyahu wants to be a look at a cannot be it. I'm also hopeful to have Americans working. Again by that Easter that beautiful lease today. And just can't imagine vendors. What he sinks and when you're at the rest of us spending and you know president trumps floated this idea of Americans to give back to work by Easter. People those who wondered out loud when will these lockdown and I mean what goes through your mind when you hear people say you know when can we get back to life is normal. The commission. We'll pull back to work right now that we have we we still in the middle of the find it. We have in the middle so dismissals might go back to work back to school offers will get twelve these people could result was still coming back positive. Not only here to. A. Monica got ahead to stay an old wall comical. Six to January it's just a ticket is being serious just take it come what this is not a game room and close ending the room. Me okay. Among the final tests he didn't get to see Brad Arnold eagle's. And you know I don't trail talk to him and content of films. Period. And just go to qualify in. It's. And Derek died I just can't only can thank you for sharing your story because. Heading a lot of speed and seat numbers come in rural there's a lot of names associated with those numbers and over aperture makes thanks so much at all I think he's commercialism.

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{"duration":"9:42","description":"Erika Cave-Miller’s husband died from the virus just days after being diagnosed. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69787956","title":"Woman describes heartbreaking moment she lost husband to COVID-19","url":"/US/video/woman-describes-heartbreaking-moment-lost-husband-covid-19-69787956"}