Woman Loses $500K in Sweetheart Scam

Colorado woman is swindled by a fraudulent member on an internet dating site.
2:48 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Loses $500K in Sweetheart Scam
I feel like such school -- for a woman who prefers cross stitching to computers what's happened in the last twelve months is hard to believe I ended up losing. Close to 500000. Dollars. This time last year recently widowed Esther Ortiz -- -- decided to look for love online I was -- and I was lonely. And I want to. Someone to share my likely. The 55 year old financial analyst ended up on senior people meet dot com this is the picture of where she soon met Wayne major general in Iraq who emailed every night eventually getting serious. He says -- -- We are meant to be together for the rest of our lives each night that is spent dreaming -- -- -- I love you with my entire being he was romancing me. -- -- -- He claimed it couldn't talk on the phone because of security issues but before long he asked for money at first few hundred dollars to help his son. Then thousands to launch a business. It's and he asked me if I would it helped him win and some of the -- And that would be our business and I could help him running. Esther believed promises he would pay her back and wired money all over the world these are wire -- -- lot of money -- this almost for 3000 dollars thousand dollar was -- 250 dollars 5000 dollars. -- -- -- -- She blew through her husband's life insurance her savings her 401K. And then took out -- do you think -- -- back. Doubtful on the castle rock police lieutenant Tim Gorman says these so called sweetheart ski hammers could be anyone anywhere. It could be. A male or female. Old or younger you don't know who you're speaking to are they targeting these -- absolutely. -- isn't alone we found several web sites dedicated to exposing online romance scams the FBI also recently sent out a warning that online prince charming could be a criminal sitting in a cyber cafe. With a well rehearsed script even Internet dating sites concede it's a problem senior people -- dot -- -- -- this email to our questions saying. Every dating site experiences such fraudulent members. I wanted to believe I was in love. And that -- -- and Esther says she finally got wise when she sent Wayne money for a plane ticket to Colorado and he never Katie wow. I have been taken for a -- Now a year older and wiser. Esther says she's finished with online dating it may seem old fashioned but if she can't -- -- man's face to face -- stick to cross stitching. I will never answered give another man I'm not a dying after Jaclyn Allen 7 NEWS.

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{"id":14907821,"title":"Woman Loses $500K in Sweetheart Scam","duration":"2:48","description":"Colorado woman is swindled by a fraudulent member on an internet dating site.","url":"/US/video/woman-loses-500k-sweetheart-scam-14907821","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}