Woman removed from American Airlines flight speaks out

Tisha Rowe describes the moment she says she was humiliated on a flight.
9:04 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Woman removed from American Airlines flight speaks out
I'm Kimberly Bronx here in New York bringing you a story about a Houston Doctor Who says she was humiliated by an airline employee who told her she would have to cover up if she wanted to board her flight. From Jamaica to Miami still ABC news sat down with 37 year old doctor teacher row to discuss the incidents. I was traveling from Kingston Jamaica. Which is where I think it's for them. So we were on its and we vacation. Traveling C news Miami Florida which is where my family now and is. For a baby shower and the incident occurred as we report being our flight from both into my end and when he car accident by. With no if you use we he were walking down Tory seats and then he flight attendant. Stopped me and and said we need to talk you. This is where I think it's hard when people hear this story without all the facts and understand why was Philip that. If you're Abbas beauty use a directive or coworker that you didn't greatly that was his exports. He looked at me kind of way we need to talk to you right but in a weight like I'm this there. Giving you this thing for me it. And that. For me just kind of I think it it made me feel. Something's off. So I walked to you that for. Plane ever any moms that have traveled with kids. It's not easy traveling McCain I have my son who's eight years old. With me and so now I'm you know getting him back a different and it kind of feel like Latin teens. You know got settled. All federally you're almost there you can see it. And now get back off the plane so. I go to the front of the plane and here is a flight attendant standing there waiting for me I felt like. Her expression was as if I was sent to the principal's office. For skipping class and she was. Waiting for me there and they and at that point I'm like. Something's not right. And he sent me. To you happen to. No there is no explanation. Why why am I getting out the flag aids. You know what's going on did. You know. T have a jacket and I said Nell and then she rephrase the question. See don't have the jacket. No. And and it was not even a year luggage. At this point now I'm like okay so what is going on you have cordoned off the plane to. Asked three times do I have a jacket in me tropical climate that have to do more to this. And I think when she saw that it wasn't going anywhere finally he say well you know. You're not getting on the plane like that I felt my blood. Shoot up and I was upset but I. Remain calm and then I tried to reason we're you know I remembered seeing things light. I'm here with mice. Defending my head I hear. You know it's just really trying to you. The reason and I felt expression lives like I felt like I was cleaning with her with my eyes but then you know I was getting. Clearly absolutely away. I was as. Shocked and upset I think is most people were when you heard about it. And didn't surprise me in the least. At this. Because doctor rose an African American woman. This is certainly not the first time we are in 2019. We feel they should. Not be happening. I was naive I was not aware of the American airline incidents that have occurred I was not aware at the NAACP. Statements. I was aware of any fat but I didn't wake up. Today a black woman then a black woman in America my entire life. For me it happens because. People tend to judge a book by the cover me. And unfortunately. Because I am a black woman went on knots in a white coat the natural assumption is never. In my from my experience from people. Seeing what you do and then answering their own question it almost never is a doctor I've had people flat out tell me I don't believe your doctor. As a mother I'm sure mothers can relate you know your child. You know when something's wrong. And number one thing for moms when your child is quiet for too long. Either something's wrong and you're getting into trouble and he sat there says. I'll Mowlds I want seemed paralyzed but I don't think I have seen my son remains solid steel so far was and and and I could see on its face he was upset. And that was his initial reaction. By the time we made it tour see. He was and Peters. My focus is hand. Trying to get him to calm down and a process that incident I may I pose the question to him. How do you feel about Romney's outfit before we got on the plane and he's not guy like. And then I say how do you feel about it now and cents. No on a lot of people. Are asking how is she is he okay. And I explain especially because of my background. When trauma occurs and that was a dramatic incident you don't have a eight year old crying on the plane. If something dramatic that not happening you don't see that effects right away. So for me one thing I've done is to schedule I think we therapy session sometimes kids came. Put your feelings on through art. Having. Third party to help us navigate this and there's a stay each. Called industry verses inferiority. In case where. Certain incidents happened to them they can become they can start to feel inferior and that's my biggest concern I don't want the public she mean. And humiliation. Of my son in a public place to result in him feeling like. He is less than anyone else. And Dole's bill that can come out years later can come out in adolescence he can come out in adulthood so as a parent I just have to watch wait. And to the best backhand to repair that damage that they. Can. There was an outpouring of social media and people posted photos. Of other travelers on American Airlines wearing a lot less. Who flew without without incident without a problem and what was the difference while the pictures we saw were all white women. While we're waiting for American Airlines make the next. They have apologized. Which is a good first step. But to simply apologize. And hope for the credit. For apologizing without doing anything is just unacceptable. For American Airlines. To tweet out. We are sorry is it seems to me the corporate equivalent of thoughts and prayers it's meaningless. They have to change things. This day have to make this right so that other people particularly women of color do not have to experience. What she experience. I feel that they're this incident. More than ever. I will be empowered to dress the way that I feel comfortable. Dressed the way that I feel appropriate. And should anyone feel the need to stop me on that plane. Then maybe they will be an American Airlines shoes because at the end of that day. If you are going to have a dress code it should be applied equally to every person to every state. To every race and I am not going to become a second class citizen. Walking. In a different way than I did before this incident but because one person and their peers took it upon themselves to try to. Put me in a box. American Airlines has apologized. In a statement saying. We were concerned about doctor rose comments and reached out to her and our team at the Kingston airport to gather more information about what occurred. We apologize to doctor Rowe and her son for their experience in half fully refunded their travel.

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"Tisha Rowe describes the moment she says she was humiliated on a flight. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64303786","title":"Woman removed from American Airlines flight speaks out","url":"/US/video/woman-removed-american-airlines-flight-speaks-64303786"}