3 Women Found Alive After Missing for Almost a Decade

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight have been found, Cleveland police say.
2:27 | 05/06/13

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Transcript for 3 Women Found Alive After Missing for Almost a Decade
This bizarre kidnapping and hostage story unfolding in Cleveland unmanned under arrest. And his neighbors had no idea the women were being held. Bridges were Carol -- is here with the breaking. -- -- witnesses say the timing was perfect tear Amanda -- saw an opportunity to set herself free. And she took it. A next door neighbor heard her cries for help but it wasn't until she said her name out loud that he realize just what he was dealing with. -- The past Cleveland -- Monday night over joint overwhelms. And over the moon that the -- they spent nearly a decade searching for and crying over there were found alive just a few miles away. -- when he disappeared. 27 year old Amanda -- and 23 year old Gina day issues were both found alive Monday night along with an unidentified woman. This is how they lived in so many hearts as photos seventeen and fourteen year old girls frozen in time. Listen to -- frantic 911 call. And the -- in Pennsylvania. I am bringing out yeah. Amanda -- was last seen walking home from her job at a fast food restaurant ready to celebrate her seventeenth birthday and Gina day issues vanished on her way home from school. About a year later. All three girls. Are healthy they're beauty treatment right now. -- doing well -- -- look good they're all talking to a they're aware of everything is going and we're just very happy that that they're safe and in good condition and now we'll get. The bottom of the people living on the block can't believe the girls were living so close unnoticed. Let me an -- -- -- -- -- Within seconds am going to they want to give -- profits. -- -- Mary's mother died of heart failure in 2006. And -- his -- his mother believed her daughter. Was sold into human trafficking as the hours became days then became -- -- neither of them gave up hope. Mrs. say the women that were also found the young girl right now police have a man and -- city. He's 52 year old aerial Castro I worked in Cleveland before here. And covered this story so many times the question that I have that so many people in Cleveland have tonight. Just what happened to these girls how long have they been living like this and what exactly have they been through.

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{"id":19122156,"title":"3 Women Found Alive After Missing for Almost a Decade","duration":"2:27","description":"Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight have been found, Cleveland police say.","url":"/US/video/women-found-alive-missing-decade-19122156","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}