World War II Veteran Shoots Suspected Burglar

Jack Goodwin fired his gun when he saw two suspected burglars at his window.
1:41 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for World War II Veteran Shoots Suspected Burglar
I was in the end and -- paranoia boom boom. There I came as he -- of and the two had -- from the when Matt come and then. It is seven year old Jack Goodwin says when they got out of bed just before ten last body grabbed his nine millimeter handgun -- -- says he brought. Twenty years ago and keeps close to -- to grab at night. -- he walked to a second bedroom of this Holman told the suspects trying to get in. -- -- -- -- -- It did. How would my dad and the other sellers have much -- shot -- -- him to be good luck like that. Good -- says after firing up the suspects he immediately called police. There are two bullet holes in -- window police say one of the burglary suspects was wounded by the gunshots they say he is in the hospital in critical condition. This -- the second suspect fled the scene they do not know if he was wounded as well. Anybody little -- -- could hit hit hit him. Then -- the ramp follow. Goodwin says as a marksman in the army during World War II shooting a gun is still second -- to him even at his age. Goodman wanted to show us a picture of his army unit back -- where we're Q. Of the Muslim. Now. Let the thoroughbred. But after she wouldn't. Police are investigating whether the shooting was self defense or crime. Goodwin says he was simply defending themselves -- attack meanwhile what do you expect what do you sped back then. About a tag at them and expect them -- -- -- -- -- Google says is neighborhood has its share of crime burglaries car theft and shootings. He says that keeps him alert but not afraid ethic assignment -- battle about who gave you -- you think that didn't. -- and now. The -- him but even sit in advance.

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{"id":15498122,"title":"World War II Veteran Shoots Suspected Burglar","duration":"1:41","description":"Jack Goodwin fired his gun when he saw two suspected burglars at his window.","url":"/US/video/world-war-ii-veteran-jack-goodwin-shoots-burglar-15498122","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}