Worship from home: How clergy are adapting to the new normal

With the new rules in effect, many faith communities are streaming services in lieu of in-person meetings.
4:11 | 03/17/20

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Transcript for Worship from home: How clergy are adapting to the new normal
These are certainly unprecedented times and during this period of uncertainty amidst the delicate dance of safety and sanctity of faith over fear prayer over panic. These are the time so often people count on faith to pull them through when it houses of worship all over the globe are shutting down so tonight we take a look at religion. In these trying times. Social media documented to conversion. Or even. You find yourself with people who the god man from. Sunday morning images of the faithful from afar. Bedside Baptist television tabernacle posture. Watching service from home is now a new way of coping in his time of chaos has the climate madness here in west festival across the country. Climate of anxiety. The corona virus has infiltrated even the most sacred spaces suspending services and shaking up faith communities. The time has brought much of the world to its knees. Catholic mass is canceled from Colorado to New York the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints shut down worldwide. Along with numerous holy shrines. For a time Saudi Arabia even suspended pilgrimage visits to Mecca to stop the spread of the corona virus. Just take a look at the difference Mecca on February 14. And then on March 3 two days before one of the most holy sites in Islam was temporarily closed for one day of cleaning last week. No communion no confession no quorum of ten adults it's synagogue. We have of the crisis. This taken away. The police with a million people. Prospective. Handled. What would you say. For people who are struggling right now with their faith strewn grappling with where is god why would god allow this kind of thing to happen people up. Anxious people along steered. People are. Question your god. They're wondering where god he is in all of this and that's that's a question do we do with because often we do not do in the mind of god. God we do not we ultimately have to trust god we don't understand. And that's a real big step. W Franklin Richards and he's a senior pastor at grace Baptist Church in Westchester county New York. Just five miles outside the first in the nation corona virus containment zone. And yes this past Sunday morning. He's supposed it's too cheap way spirituality kept the doors of his church open. Yesterday we need the big statement. Said Bob or woman that god had not abandoned us that's the best don't want to get. But god has done a randomness. That we'll still going pull through this. Staying open in is an option he'll no longer have going forward. Based on new guidance from the CDC to canceled or postponed in person events that consist of fifty people or more throughout the United States. One saving grace for many houses of worship. Streaming. Give me a sense of what you're gonna do going forward maybe starting next Sunday. We decided that we're going to. Exploit. The technology the digital we've gone a little produce a Sunday morning worship. That is telecast. Telecast and a stream. Across the country. Passer Richardson says those clamoring for that connection searching for solace in sermon or the ritual religion. Can still see kids and find it with or without Wi-Fi. Because in his book faith cannot be quarantined. Look who did the three things that people could do little to do. One certainly they ought to have a personal relationship. That they deeply develop in the season so. It begins with four and that's not something you need to go to a building or be with more than one person you do this is a time. When we turn to lock them which virtualization. The worship is critical so prayer Bible study and worship. Will sustain your faith in the time when you have a lot of questions and variety. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis in the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis. Thanks so much for streaming with us tonight.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"With the new rules in effect, many faith communities are streaming services in lieu of in-person meetings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69634490","title":"Worship from home: How clergy are adapting to the new normal","url":"/US/video/worship-home-clergy-adapting-normal-69634490"}