Wounded Marine Gets Retrofitted California Home

Actor Gary Sinise helped raise funds to build "smart" home for triple-amputee veteran.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Wounded Marine Gets Retrofitted California Home
Corporal -- -- has just received the keys to this Smart home. Designed to return his sense of freedom he lost fighting for our country in the decision he made eleven years ago today. At 6:59. AM -- -- one to -- his received his new home. At 65911. Years ago today. The World Trade Center collapsed and brought the country to its knees retired battalion chief John Carroll -- 103. Of the firefighters who died. That was so many funerals that we had -- attends. And to see to families sending in the grieving that went on to -- that was just the most horrific experience in all my life. -- -- was in high school and watched all unfold on TV. He made a decision that -- to join the Marine Corps. And I wanted CBS volunteer so that people around me that -- -- of volunteers -- have to. -- his came back from Afghanistan without a third of his body after being blown up by a thirty pounds -- -- -- He's got started -- -- minutes and never quit attitude. He joined the service voluntarily he -- man. You know as a marine. You're gonna get sent no harm -- into harm's way you know especially after September 11 when he's turned them going to Iraq and Afghanistan. The Gary Sinise and Stephen -- foundations and private donors. He ended him this home fully -- -- for his needs. Just to give these kids their independence and just to let them live normal lives just like the rest of us. What they sacrifice. We can't pay them back and off. -- it says it was all worth it and he would've given more. Nearly everyone who took the stage today is asking people to turn their prayers to the men and women who are still in harm's way in Temecula him moments ten news.

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{"id":17211343,"title":"Wounded Marine Gets Retrofitted California Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor Gary Sinise helped raise funds to build \"smart\" home for triple-amputee veteran.","url":"/US/video/wounded-marine-retrofitted-california-home-17211343","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}