The Wrap: 4/10/14

New Ping in MH370 Search, Obama on Civil Rights Act, WA Mudslide Victim Speaks
2:06 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 4/10/14
Stabbing attack at -- Pittsburgh area high school. Police say the sixteen year old -- -- -- rival ran through the hall also slashing and stabbing anyone he could would put your mind. Yeah he's confused and scared depressed and over the next few days we'll try to figure out what they had -- New questions this morning about some popular flu drugs on which the government has spent more than a billion dollars drinking clear fluids and liquids. Maybe just as effective in treating flu symptoms doesn't do. Next -- what we were told. An incredible survivor story from the aftermath of the deadly mud slide in Washington. And without -- front door and it was like a movie. Houses -- exploding you could -- -- our neighbors shouldn't inconvenient truth. A military contract with high security clearance abducted five days ago rescued overnight by the FBI -- tell you yesterday targeted by a group. As part of -- letter. Why now for the latest on the search for flight 37 -- and that new under. Our signal detected this morning pantries astonishing society -- signaled is becoming. There was nothing if not a realistic was well aware that the law alone. Isn't enough to change hearts and minds are to pigs at the time it may be true -- the beloved can't make a man loves me. But it can keep them from lynching me and I think that's pretty important. Florida looking for the driver -- a crash in a daycare center which left. Four year old girl dead several other children seriously and. Yeah. This time we do know is trying to -- here you need that information might be trying the end of the year. David Letterman's replacement will be deepened -- there CBS made the announcement this afternoon co whereas my five year deal with network news. Letterman announced last week he was retiring from his late night -- of 21 years on time and fifteenth.

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{"id":23281468,"title":"The Wrap: 4/10/14","duration":"2:06","description":"New Ping in MH370 Search, Obama on Civil Rights Act, WA Mudslide Victim Speaks","url":"/US/video/wrap-41014-23281468","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}