The Wrap: 4/18/14

Avalanche sweeps Mount Everest, Kansas City highway shooting suspect charged, NASA launches SpaceX to Space Station
2:06 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 4/18/14
-- -- -- a huge -- and we ordered by the moment Carlton. Wouldn't vote up there are few seconds school. Welcome to -- on Mount Everest this deadliest disaster ever on the slopes of that mountain -- that. -- -- this huge huge -- killing at least twelve and leaving at least three missing as rescue crews searched frantically for any survivors. Police now on the ferry disaster in South Korea and arrest warrant has been it's been -- captain and hill crew members that -- it did not only gave that -- first. It would and 260. OK quick trip -- -- very fast. Today. Mohammed and we didn't. Is charged criminal defendants. Eighteen felony charges. Twenty cars hit with gunfire on -- -- -- highways leading to an urgent manhunt want to make sure the residents and build a travel -- in the city. Know that their states. To believe that the us diplomatic means to -- -- can it's taste -- G elements in this agreement that the protesters. And they called illegal armed groups put down their weapons they would disarm there is no sign that the agreement is working. Country needs -- of care and behind used garrison five young man of great character. This is the second time these two -- that come here to claim. The commander in chief's trophy the trophy that weighs about as much as -- Just ten weeks old she weighs five pounds and how she got separated from her -- Well that's the mystery. Somebody dropped this tiny -- couple -- -- Lake -- Wallace had this little girl now have a chance. To grow up the healthy normal little -- the -- -- --

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{"id":23387257,"title":"The Wrap: 4/18/14","duration":"2:06","description":"Avalanche sweeps Mount Everest, Kansas City highway shooting suspect charged, NASA launches SpaceX to Space Station","url":"/US/video/wrap-41814-23387257","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}