The Wrap: 5/01/14

East Coast Battered From Violent Storms, Madeleine McCann's Parents Plead for Answers, Ford Motor CEO to Step Down.
2:02 | 05/01/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 5/01/14
-- Relentless storm and drenching rain lashing the East Coast -- to rescue. -- rescue after -- historic flooding likely to blame for a deadly gas explosion that ripped through it Pensacola -- part of that moving actually collapsed. Here's what happened -- -- people are dead more than a hundred. People didn't -- right now we are in Baltimore Maryland look at that it was like somebody came by just ripped off the side. Scandal that -- here none of them think it's a -- -- none of them. The military CIA. The State Department all of them the facts at the time mr. chairman do not we took that -- That only comes from the White House today ever tell you to -- -- people just doesn't go to my knowledge. Every parents last night meant not knowing what happened to that child we love him opulent. -- -- news. And year old Mattie was snatched from her bed. Parents would dining at a restaurant just a stone's throw away when centrally -- -- -- -- I love my brother. Continue this environment other -- as a Toronto mayor rob form -- -- -- he has a problem with alcohol five. Only seeking help -- -- crippled delayed. Excessively drink. Once a -- -- I absolutely. Type of incident happened very quickly but -- take vitamin tighten. During the massive fireball in central Virginia. After a train carrying four. Oil derailed crashing into a river. Retire from. Fort Hood -- that presidency. And as a member of the board -- court's chief operating officer mark fields and in the driver's seat for the automaker. -- is a chance to remain. Not just just on the stage but teachers all across the country. Heart national teacher of the year mr. --

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"East Coast Battered From Violent Storms, Madeleine McCann's Parents Plead for Answers, Ford Motor CEO to Step Down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23554019","title":"The Wrap: 5/01/14","url":"/US/video/wrap-50114-23554019"}