Writer behind viral #mybestselfie trend talks cyberbullying

Melissa Blake, writer for the blog "So About What I Said," discusses why she posted three selfies on Twitter in response to online bullies calling her ugly.
3:53 | 09/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Writer behind viral #mybestselfie trend talks cyberbullying
On the one and tell you a story that specifically for the haters where are they haters that I'm a lot of haters online trolling. In being mean behind the safety of their keyboards and computer screens. Just ask Melissa Blake she's a freelance journalist and columnist in the Chicago area and have the blob called. So about what I said. After riding a CNN article criticizing trump she received a lot of hateful comments on line but it wasn't about her writing it was about her photo. She is dis able due to a genetic bone this order. Called Freeman Sheldon syndrome so what it Melissa do pay attention she posted this tweet right here that says. During the last round of troll gate people said that I should be banned from posting photos of myself because I'm too ugly. So I just like to commemorate the occasion with these. Three's cell fees and yes you see them there she posted three beautiful self these over Celso. I want to bring in Melissa Blake she joins us right now hello Melissa good to see you. I. Seen him yes I'm so happy to see you you know the brave that they say they say kill them with kindness which you. Blasted these people with kindness so why did you decide to go ahead and be bold in post this week. I just think there's. And of defying. Needs a neat and us comments and thousands of comments basically saint saint and not my hands. Act not want to stay on the close up its act exactly land on. As a way science on the net Denmark and that's mean. And that I'm going to need clout at the line and Eddie Layton asked. Absolutely and it's so interesting because in the process than you. Being so courageous. Your post went viral I don't even think I've ever seen as for one tweet. You you look at this we now it has almost 300000. Likes and it has over 28000. Reach weeds what did you think when all of that just kept coming into your account all of the love. It's totally unexpected and staying at like I expect and Ian actress I just. Just hang on. Austin on a Saturday night and holidays. And I woke up next morning. I had gained 9000 islanders and all over the world saying how months you know end and I looked weak and they really see is once. And social media analyst some positive. Instead August's Toxics. Yen in all of the love it actually started a movement on hash tag my best healthy so people. For from everywhere were riding in in in saying how they work. Inspired by you. What does it feel like to know that you're sort of spreading that light wind the Internet can be a dark place. I asked sun act passed away. As we act out post in nice copy act I SE a T both Sunday and sounds and being constantly. And I mean there's a lot of this message say EU will soon be cloudy and meet com or apple is banking on wins. Dean privately run sound science and I want to see that it's anti and daily responded soon as the committee's. It's unbelievable. We are also inspired by you and we know now that everyone knocking on your door 'cause they're wanting your writing there wanting your president they want everywhere. So thank you for being so brave and bold are reminding us to celebrate ourselves. Melissa Kia yes thanks for being online.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Melissa Blake, writer for the blog \"So About What I Said,\" discusses why she posted three selfies on Twitter in response to online bullies calling her ugly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65723358","title":"Writer behind viral #mybestselfie trend talks cyberbullying","url":"/US/video/writer-viral-mybestselfie-trend-talks-cyberbullying-65723358"}