Child Interrogated Over Stealing

Safeway store guard questioned the young girl and made her sign a form.
1:31 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Child Interrogated Over Stealing
When you're just four years old like Savannah harp and takes a wild understand the consequences of your actions. Like when she was on a shopping trip to the -- and Everett and -- some dried apricots -- the shelf. And she grabbed a bag of -- Dried apricots open them -- accountable -- -- back in the security guard watched you're doing Savannah was with their dead who didn't notice his daughter's sticky fingers. But store security stopped him just as he walked out led the family back to the break room. And proceeded -- the you know your your daughter -- and she's banned from the star really pressing charges. And she needs a -- farms stating that she understands that she can't commending save phrase. Savannah can't read or write but the guard who Safeway hires under contract matters scribble on the Paper just the same. The girl's mom thinks it's -- It's act it's as pretty troubling you know I'd say it's not like she even knows when she was do you clean and safe -- refused to go on camera for this story but. Did offer this statement. We share the -- sense of disbelief and outrage that this occurred -- one of our stores in this case. Neither our policy nor common sense seems to have been followed we are investigating this incident thoroughly. Jones even got a personal apology from a division president tried to make it right once the damage was done. He offered to take her -- and walk around the bakery -- -- show where that this -- stores not as scary place because she is scared to go on costs go up. The night after. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15024388,"title":"Child Interrogated Over Stealing","duration":"1:31","description":"Safeway store guard questioned the young girl and made her sign a form.","url":"/US/video/year-interrogated-shoplifting-15024388","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}