Yearbook Becomes Lewd in School Prank

Student editors snuck made-up names into a North Carolina high school's yearbook.
1:39 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for Yearbook Becomes Lewd in School Prank
Another -- I'm. Every year signers -- that -- remark. Didn't really enjoy the I don't know what trying to pull off a senior -- the line between going to fall art and some flooding good taste is often times -- The -- and high school yearbook was the target of this year's frank. The pranksters several of the yearbook -- school system officials say they snuck some -- names into the text. For students and their parents that this prank falls in between funny it down right there. What's wrong business front won't hear you heard from -- -- it's kind of disappointing that it had put it in. In and a lot of seniors and my friends -- -- -- what they were -- were able to purchase one echoes. Of the current. These students and parents didn't want their faces -- perhaps it's the contents of the pages that makes them blush. There's some support for the editors of the yearbook. A position page was made it's already got more than 390 signatures. Also FaceBook page was made with some of the pictures of the -- names. The founder of this FaceBook page uploaded these three photos he says are from the yearbook. It shows in the not pictured section three made up names Ophelia -- Bend over. And. One I'd rather not say -- sounds -- No I don't believe in that it. They if you won't come was -- is now range in that's not so nasty sounding here. Hoping that should be look more closely to before they actually turning. No more teacher editing city just students. Who have been charged but --

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{"id":19331124,"title":"Yearbook Becomes Lewd in School Prank","duration":"1:39","description":"Student editors snuck made-up names into a North Carolina high school's yearbook.","url":"/US/video/yearbook-lewd-school-prank-19331124","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}