New Year's Eve storm to cross country

Heavy snow is expected in the West, Midwest and Southern Plains.
1:18 | 12/27/20

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Transcript for New Year's Eve storm to cross country
Snow in the rain in the warming in the back to the snow is incredible pictures coming out of Bel Air the ski resort in the cat skills this is kind of a combination of us snow slide. And also saw a landslide at about mid and got to engulf the mid mountain lodge there. They are opening today and they're back to make you snow but it was that a dramatic increase in temperatures after the snow packed alleged that as well as this and Conway. New Hampshire river flooding there because of the snow melt on top of buds of the rainfall. But now temperatures are obviously cooler and colder in Buffalo, New York where they're seeing snow. Eighteen eased a bit record snow. Next storm coming M into the Southern California this your first big one of the year. Moreno Valley snow amounts gets in the midsection with at this going to be a mess all the way to New Jersey these models are having hard time with it would just be prepared for you need to be. That yeah. Time now for look at two local forecast.

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{"duration":"1:18","description":"Heavy snow is expected in the West, Midwest and Southern Plains.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74923982","title":"New Year's Eve storm to cross country","url":"/US/video/years-eve-storm-cross-country-74923982"}