New York Boys Save Babysitter With CPR

Bernstein brothers saved the life of a woman who went unconscious in their swimming pool.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for New York Boys Save Babysitter With CPR
They're both afraid shoes can -- Even face head on wood death an eleven year old Jonathan -- thirteen year old Nicholas auto Bernstein. State -- The brother for swimming Sunday afternoon after Southampton home. When they noticed her -- Was unconscious and turning blue. It was really scary because we both didn't know is gonna happen. The boys managed to get her to the pool stamps Jonathan kept her head above water while Nicholas called 911. My brother mountain. He's helping there right now it's the out of the -- it now now we cannot have a pool the victim. Got out of the pool plus the ultimate. -- Guide invited dispatcher Johnathan started CPR until paramedics arrived within -- costs down and said. Everything's going to be OK don't Y -- as did -- jobs. Not letting -- -- -- Sydor suffered a seizure for the first time. She's out of -- hospital in doing well thanks to Jonathan. And -- So village officials recognize -- Brothers for their quick action Thursday night and their parents. Couldn't be -- We want to do. In that moment -- -- it. Tremendous and is this is is there was so cool and composed. Even if there where. Scared I felt like saved village. In Southampton on -- -- channel seven eyewitness and.

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{"id":16977740,"title":"New York Boys Save Babysitter With CPR","duration":"3:00","description":"Bernstein brothers saved the life of a woman who went unconscious in their swimming pool.","url":"/US/video/york-boys-save-babysitter-cpr-16977740","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}