New York City Subway Pusher Charged With Murder

Naeem Davis, 30, is accused of shoving a man into the path of an oncoming train.
3:00 | 12/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City Subway Pusher Charged With Murder
Least formally charging thirty year old named Davis with second degree murder in Davis was taken into custody yesterday and will likely be arraigned tonight. Eyewitness News reporter Stacy savers in midtown with the still developing story Stacey. While -- if he is a thirty year old homeless man and he is now facing charges of second degree murder. -- just a short while ago police here at the midtown north police precinct. They took a -- Davis out of the precinct and he will be arraigned later this evening in lower Manhattan. They say they spotted -- -- surveillance video near fiftieth street and seventh avenue that's where they -- to not yesterday afternoon for questioning. Davis well known by street vendors and -- company employees who work in and around Times Square. They recognized him from. This video where he was arguing with 58 year old -- -- on mr. Hahn pushed on to the tracks and killed by an oncoming train on Monday. The question really is why initially. Both the mayor and the police commissioner were suggesting that. The suspect mr. Davis had psychiatric problems but those who know him do not believe. That's the case. We see your final him without we may never know -- I did those kind of problems bodies to be fun. They never was angry that I don't always so nice to your body never. -- -- Now mister Davis he worked in a -- Then he got laid off he was down on his -- those who knew him say he was helping out street vendors in the area to make some extra money. Sources tell Eyewitness News that mr. Davis is maintaining that. He pushed mr. O'Connor on to the tracks because mr. -- wouldn't leave him alone even followed him down onto the platform.

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{"id":17888205,"title":"New York City Subway Pusher Charged With Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"Naeem Davis, 30, is accused of shoving a man into the path of an oncoming train.","url":"/US/video/york-city-subway-pusher-charged-murder-17888205","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}