Columbus Circle Shooting Suspect Seen in Surveillance Video

New York Police released pictures of the alleged killer and victim moments before the shooting.
3:14 | 12/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Columbus Circle Shooting Suspect Seen in Surveillance Video
We are gonna start this afternoon that breaking development in the midtown murder. And -- -- one of them. Glaring questions right now exactly what was the motive. The -- seeing here was 31 year old Brandon -- a law student visiting New York from LA. And police say the gunman approached ordered from behind on the sidewalk on 58 street just steps away from Columbus Circle. And shot him in the head the weapon according to investigators a semi automatic silver handgun eyewitnesses report -- -- Gonzales is live now at the scene with the latest for -- Marcy. -- first we want to get huge -- surveillance images that police just released a moment ago. First there is as still image that shows -- big -- looking down his phone -- killers standing behind him reaching into his pocket presumably. For the gun -- and police also released surveillance video showing the great horse silver. Lincoln did -- parking here on 58 street the killer getting out of the passenger seat wearing khaki colored pants. -- cooling a dark. -- out of the sweat -- he was wearing. Over -- head. But police say -- surveillance images unfortunately. Do not show the killer's face and investigators aren't having any luck so -- finding witnesses in this busy area who got a look at him. -- And I shot and bad guys and that. The man eyewitnesses -- bleeding on the sidewalk here 31 year old Brandon Lincoln would -- what they didn't see was the killer -- still on the loose today. There was no gun manuals and goes and nobody still -- -- fifty people at -- -- that quoted nobody's. -- -- the gunman waited for his victim here on 58 street for forty minutes police say he sputtered -- around two yesterday afternoon. Calmly walked behind him and fired a single shot into the back of his head. The getaway car a Lincoln and Casey was parked nearby the gunman got into the passenger seat and took off unnoticed on to seventh avenue. Miami has -- -- we're all sitting around. Certainly wondering as I -- just want justice to be served. -- in Los Angeles where Woodard -- are baffled describing him as a loving father to his four year old daughter and a hardworking student at Whittier Law School. Kind heart. Smart. We really. Good person but his -- she tells of another side to Woodward's life. At least twenty arrests over the past eight years on charges including cocaine possession and robbery and grand theft what are -- was also reportedly involved in an altercation in 2004 with a security guard for the singer usher at a concert in Las Vegas. Woodard was charged with misdemeanor battery. Police are now taking a close a look at his criminal history to see how it could be connected to his brazen broad daylight murder. Along this busy Manhattan street. It is crazy and we hope we find out the truth. And police are now trying to track down other surveillance video they hope we'll show them. Where did Lincoln sedan was before it came here to 58 street and Larry ended up once it turns out on -- -- -- -- We're live in midtown Marcy Gonzales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17934970,"title":"Columbus Circle Shooting Suspect Seen in Surveillance Video","duration":"3:14","description":"New York Police released pictures of the alleged killer and victim moments before the shooting.","url":"/US/video/york-columbus-circle-shooting-suspect-caugh-tape-surveillance-17934970","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}