Zimmerman Injuries 'Insignificant,' M.E. Says

Dr. Valerie Rao describes defendant's wounds suffered during his confrontation with Trayvon Martin.
3:07 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Zimmerman Injuries 'Insignificant,' M.E. Says
In terms of severity how would you classify the injuries to the defendants had. They're not life threatening. They went very insignificant. -- not require. Solutions to India I was. -- -- amendment. -- -- significant injuries. I think -- -- -- suggestion that educate yourself who knows that. -- -- -- All one shocked correct what are correct in knots which is suggesting it was only one envelope correct. And you second sister went to minimize the number of shots that could possibly be correct. Not minimize this if you didn't -- -- scenario and it got us we can do. In the -- scenario. He gets it now is like best. Just like that. But it does not go up here so here's the first shot. And here's a second -- companies that. To consistent with that connection -- -- -- any more consistent. But he lost his -- than the fact there was one shop. I'm -- You said earlier. That -- -- injuries could be consistent with once shot. And I think -- -- I'm -- could be consistent with -- shops it. The way it's -- you didn't yes we you don't to some -- you don't know how -- then was hit by mr. Martin correct correct. So you're saying it's consistent with one potentially. Yes. An -- is consistent with to correct it. The way it was OK yes which you don't know correct so did you just say it's a consistent with to -- well -- -- And it could be consistent with one. And it actually -- be consistent with another couple -- without Paul. More as you -- accomplishments of the fifth that just didn't leave visible injuries yes. So these are not telling this jury that -- -- -- probably get businesses in the face one time. I'm just telling you injuries. What is good. Did you notice in those pictures deep cuts on mr. Martin's. Not on his left both on the. Ring finger and it's -- -- -- Okay those cuts those abrasions. So because suggests shops sports injury and actually that this kid has dropped off. That was a yes he did notice them yet but. Unless consistent with striking some. Yes. So we had some injuries the only injuries is not fact besides. The gunshot wound ought to -- on his knuckles correct correct. Curious since that's hasn't look at the autopsy whether any other injuries on -- Mark -- at all. Any bruising injuries that big laceration injuries. -- home -- injuries.

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{"id":19564220,"title":"Zimmerman Injuries 'Insignificant,' M.E. Says","duration":"3:07","description":"Dr. Valerie Rao describes defendant's wounds suffered during his confrontation with Trayvon Martin.","url":"/US/video/zimmerman-injuries-insignificant-medical-examiner-says-19564220","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}