Zimmerman Trial Update: Prosecution Tries to Get Back on Track

Testimony by lead investigator Chris Serino, a prosecution witness, may have benefited defense.
3:00 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for Zimmerman Trial Update: Prosecution Tries to Get Back on Track
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello I'm Dan Cutler New York where this ABC news digital special report day seven of the trade on -- case the prosecution came out punching. After what looked like six strong days for the defense. And George Zimmermann now on the stand right now is Lieberman's best friend mark poster -- timeline the aftermath of the incidents. And earlier today the prosecution were called -- primary investigator on the case detective Chris Serena Serena is questioning yesterday. Caused a big story the defense asked Serena whether he thought Zimmerman was telling the truth. The fact that tourism and sent to you thank god I hope somebody did videotape the event -- the whole event. What his stated what does that indicate to you. -- that are used on the truth. Or it was a complete. Pathological liar want to -- it. Now let's look at it overall. -- is -- anything else in this case where you've got the insight that he might be of pathological -- Not affect everything media told you to date had been cooperated by other evidence you already aware. In the investigation that he was unaware of America so afraid take pathological liar off the table as a possibility just for the purpose of this next question do you think your -- to us. It turns out though that statement all for -- this morning. The judge -- the jury and told them why. The latest. You have an improper comment -- -- -- such -- the truth and veracity of another witness and you are to disregard. The question and the answer. Less than 24 are senators Tuesday development of state released and seems to be a blow for the defense I want to bring in now ABC's Eric -- -- From Central Florida break got exactly what happening give us the latest updates on the trial -- and that right. There was a huge turn in the case. A very much so because up until then Chris -- Reno though prosecution's. Star witness seem to be shining a bit brighter for the defense and as court ended for the day yesterday one of the last things jurors heard some sort Reno was his belief that Zimmerman. Had been telling the truth and affect you had a prosecution witness seeming to vouch for the defendant and it was something that prosecutors objected to this morning. You heard their reasons why because one witnesses not supposed to give an opinion about another witness and the judge then agreed and and instructed the jury. To exit to strike that from the from the record and from their memory and and disregarded entirely. Of course it's almost like on ringing -- -- -- the moment is still there. And in fact defense attorney Mark O'Meara was able to get Serena to say something similar a little later on in today's testimony so that notion. Still seems to be hanging out -- -- for sure it was a win for for the prosecution. Which it until this point with the detectives -- Reno had really struggled to make inroads. And a lot of you have been put on the fact that the case is still very early on yes -- -- story on the seventh David -- the same time though. When the jury -- going to deliberation perhaps the fact that won't be such a strong poignant message that they took away. When they heard the testimony yesterday I want to ask you a little bit about the prosecution. Today using Germans own words against him and exchange between the lead prosecutor west. And detective Serena what happen when that information town. Well some of solid George said Newman's Own words were said right off the -- in that memorable opening statements from one of the prosecutors and and you remember it well for the exploded -- And those words came back again today. I think punks -- -- Prosecutor Bernie Hillary on that quote Jordan Zimmermann. And he asked the lead detective didn't does that kind of language. Indicate. The deal will force fight and there was a bit of a back and forth but finally the detective agreed that yes -- -- it didn't. Indicate to him could be anyway ill will -- -- And that right there is the crux of a second degree murder charge in order in this state to prove its second degree murder. Prosecutors must show that there is on the part of the defendant -- will. -- -- -- And today's testimony was as close as they've come in this case to getting a -- -- to say it a personal -- certainly the situation has evolved without consumer -- mind that night and anyway. I'm not on the stand right now is it -- best friend mark poster man and he's just a relationship they've been best friends for awhile -- mean another they've they've. Of -- I want to talk a little bit in a minute about how he has -- someone -- role in this whole. Case but it's. Is this childhood friends. -- friends of friends and -- and end. He was the one who kind of picked him up from the police station -- and was one of his first friends to get an account from George -- wallet was still fresh in his mind. And this was yet another version of George -- story being entered into evidence by prosecutors -- -- -- own words came into play yesterday. Here prosecutors are introducing another I was improvements accounts this time through his friend -- human. What the significance was so we're not clear prosecutors I think are trying to catch. Any inconsistencies. And put him in jurors' heads that Zimmerman. It's not necessarily reliable when telling his story hosts have been though answered all the prosecutors' questions. Cross examination. And he he he appears to be done for the day it was or any kind of bombshell that came out of that part of the testimony. Not that we heard here Denton and whether most of it is going to be viewed as a crucial witness we're not sure but we didn't -- prosecutor Bernie Hillary on the smiled. As -- -- and left the witness stand and and you don't often see that from the from the lead prosecutor here. A smile perhaps of satisfaction maybe indicating that he thinks he was able to make some inroads. It hasn't necessarily been made clear. And that might be but -- -- was able to talk about the Zimmerman -- -- -- -- and he was able to talk about the notion of the gun. That that did George -- sister -- Martyn went for actually telling his friend that Martin's hands. Went on the gun that's something he did not tell police he he told police that he believed Martin was going for the gun but had not actually touched it. I want to ask you a little bit to elaborate on -- in the relationship that he has with Zimmerman because ultimate. Wrote a book about Zimmerman and the after -- aftermath of the shooting and then essentially made Zimmerman the most. -- hated man in America but -- quote from the book. He made a profit off that book poster man did he is there -- man's best friend. What kind of a message does that send it to the -- the prosecution hoping that that might in fact -- their strength. Maybe the prosecutors hoping just by the very nature of the relationship. -- -- he's. Current or former air Marshall may be done to play up the notion that Zimmerman like to hang around with the law enforcement type people. Thought of himself as kind of -- himself for a vigilante kind of playing up that notion they've been starting with from the beginning. But that did the exact relationship between -- German and cinnamon. Was never really made a big deal of for the jury and it's going to be left to tune -- for and so whether it ultimately helps or hurts you know who knows. The fact that he was called by the prosecution. May also again played -- that added that the idea that that the prosecutors are trying to to point out. Where there may be discrepancies but so far. Many of them seem to be minor and we've already heard a police official testified in the fact that Zimmerman accounts have been remarkably consistent. Aside from the fact that judge issued that he issued a decree saying strike that comment -- that was made yesterday surprised arena to the jury there. What else is set out to you from today's testimony. Well certainly that moment right -- -- began today and then this idea -- -- Agreed with prosecutor Bernie Hillary on that at some of George Zimmerman his own words -- indicating ill will. -- -- -- Now on cross examination defense attorney Mark O'Meara has really tried to restore some of his own narrative and own version of events so it's not necessarily -- Clear below. But in the prosecution's favor. But you heard for the first time today prosecutors really get at the heart of what it means to convict someone on second degree murder charges. Not here in the state of Florida and until now they haven't had a witness really just come right out and say it. All right ABC's Eric -- in -- Florida with us covering the latest on the trade on Martin case Aaron thank you for your time -- trust not getting in the seventh day. Of course you can keep watching the trial on the other live stream for now I'm Dan Cutler and New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19556110,"title":"Zimmerman Trial Update: Prosecution Tries to Get Back on Track","duration":"3:00","description":"Testimony by lead investigator Chris Serino, a prosecution witness, may have benefited defense.","url":"/US/video/zimmerman-trial-update-prosecution-back-track-19556110","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}