Villanova's Kris Jenkins Credits His Mom for His Shooting Skills

Jenkins appeared on "Good Morning America" after making the game-winning shot.

Jenkins said his mom taught him "a lot of the game," including how to shoot, which helped him clinch the Wildcats' first national championship victory since 1985.

"She started with me when I was young and she even coaches me on my shots still to this day," he said, adding that she was "shocked" that he was left open to make the shot.

"We were both stunned at that," he said.

North Carolina's Marcus Paige tied the game with his 3-pointer -- a "great shot" Jenkins said -- but Villanova was ready to "execute" in the next play with just seconds left on the clock, Jenkins said.

"We put the ball in Ryan’s hands because we know he’s going to make the right decision," the 22-year-old forward said. "He usually makes the shot but last night he made the pass."

The Wildcats then responded to Paige's 3-pointer with one of their own in the final moments of the game to win 77-74.

"He just let me know how proud he was and how happy he was for me," Jenkins said.

The Tar Heels had won in each of their last four national championship appearances: 1982, 1993, 2005 and 2009.

Villanova has canceled classes for today as students celebrate the school's second national championship.