See Viral Photos of People Protecting Cops at Gas Stations

After a cop was killed at a gas station, gestures of kindness are spreading.

— -- After a Texas deputy was killed in an unprovoked attack at a gas station, at least two young people have reached out to show law enforcement that their communities care about police safety.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officer Dustin Keedy shared the story of his meeting a woman and her daughter this weekend when he stopped for gas during the night shift.

"She gave me a giant hug and told me that her and her mommy were going to wait with me while I fueled up so no bad guys snuck up on me," Keedy wrote on the police department's Facebook page.

This and other acts of kindness are in response to Deputy Darren Goforth’s death outside Houston last month. The Harris County Sheriff's officer was killed at a gas station in Cypress, Texas, in an apparent unprovoked attack Aug. 28. Authorities said he was pumping gas into his car when he was shot 15 times.