Watch NASA's Humanoid Robot Valkyrie Boogie Down

Before Valkyrie can venture into space, she's gotta get her groove on.

December 2, 2015, 12:21 PM

— -- Before NASA’s humanoid robot Valkyrie can venture into deep space, she’s gotta get her groove on.

Originally designed to aid in disaster relief, Valkyrie (also known as "R5") is now being retooled for a potential trip to Mars. The robot could eventually prep the Red Plant for a human crew or even “collaborate” with astronauts once they’re there, according to NASA.

But first, she needs to demonstrate her ability to perform a series of human-esque tasks, like stepping and balancing. Cue the techno music:

In a video released by the space agency earlier this week, the 290-pound R5 struts her stuff, waving her arms and legs and even flexing her metal “bicep” -- all as her glowing NASA logo pulses to the beat of electronica, a la Iron Man.

NASA has awarded R5 prototypes to MIT and Northeastern University for further development. Here's hoping for a college-style dance-off someday soon.

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