Wild monkeys charge family at Florida park

Video shows the monkeys becoming aggressive in Silver Springs Park.PlayThatcher Ramsey
WATCH Wild monkeys charge family at Florida park

A family enjoying a walk through Silver Springs Park in Ocala, Florida was charged by a group of wild rhesus monkeys on Thursday.

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Susie Ramsey told ABC affiliate WFTS that the monkeys chased her family even though they hadn't done anything to provoke them.

A video posted to YouTube by her son, Thatcher Ramsey, shows the monkeys calmly sitting around at the park's Sea Hunt exhibit.

Minutes later, the monkeys appear to become angry and start growling, hissing and chasing people. WFTS reported that no one was hurt during the encounter, however.

WFTS said the rhesus macaques have inhabited Silver Springs Park for more than 75 years and their population is now roughly 200.

Susie Ramsey told WFTS that there were no warning signs posted about wild monkeys in the area.