10 Things to Know for Today

Get ready for Thursday, December 19th with a few things to know about the day’s news from The Associated Press

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3. HOW LAST DEBATE OF 2019 IS SHAPING UP The tug-of-war between the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic party is deadlocked and each of the four front-runners has glaring flaws.

4. WHERE TRUMP WILL GET A BIG WIN The Democratic-led House is expected to overwhelmingly pass a signature trade bill for the president, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

5. BRITISH MONARCH TO UNVEIL NEW GOVERNMENT’S AGENDA Queen Elizabeth II will open a new session of Parliament, with a speech giving the first concrete details of what Boris Johnson plans to do with his House of Commons majority.

6. INDIA BANS PROTESTS AMID CITIZENSHIP LAW OUTRAGE There are hundreds of arrests too — the legislation has sparked anger at what many see as New Delhi’s push to bring the secular country closer to a Hindu state.

7. PORTRAITS OF RESILIENCE AFTER CLERGY ABUSE For those abused by priests, the violations are spiritual, the damage inflicted not just on the body and mind, but a system of beliefs, AP reports.

8. INCOME GROWTH GREATEST IN TECH HUBS Since 2013, household income grew the most in tech and entertainment centers like Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and large chunks of the West Coast.

9. TOYOTA'S HUMANOID MIRRORS HUMAN MOVEMENTS The human-shaped robot T-HR3 now has faster and smoother finger movements because the wearable remote-control device has become lighter and easier to use.

10. HOW ROGER FEDERER VIEWS HIS FUTURE Now 38, the 20-time major champion tells the AP he isn’t sure when he will retire but says leaving on top is not a priority, because he doesn't think “the end, per se, is that important."