AP-NORC poll: Most Americans see weather disasters worsening

Almost three out of four Americans say weather disasters are worsening, and most of those people blame global warming to some extent

WASHINGTON -- A new poll finds that nearly three quarters of Americans see weather disasters, like Hurricane Dorian, worsening and most of them blame global warming to some extent.

And scientists say they're right.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey shows 72% of Americans think catastrophic weather is more severe, while only 4% see it as less nasty, with about 24% saying those disasters are about as extreme as they always were.

And half of those who say weather disasters are worsening say it's mainly because of man-made climate change, with another 37% who think natural randomness and global warming are equally to blame.

The poll was conducted in mid-August before Dorian formed, pummeled the Bahamas and put much of the U.S. East Coast on edge.