APNewsBreak: Skeleton unearthed beneath California peak

High Sierra mystery: A human skeleton has been recovered beneath California's second-highest peak; authorities have no reports of anyone missing in the area

LOS ANGELES -- Authorities in California say a human skeleton has been recovered beneath the state's second-highest peak.

Sgt. Nate Derr of the Inyo County Sheriff's Department told The Associated Press Wednesday investigators are trying to identify the remains found beneath Mount Williamson. No foul play is suspected.

The body was discovered by climbers last week who saw what appeared to be a bone beneath boulders. They overturned some rocks and found an entire skeleton with just leather shoes and a belt.

Investigators say it may have been there decades based on its condition. They plan to use DNA to try and identify the remains.

Derr says they have looked through decades of missing persons reports but have no one missing in the area.

High winds prevented a helicopter from retrieving it until Wednesday.