Atlanta police seek info on person abandoned at hospital

Atlanta police need the public's help to identify a young person who was abandoned at a hospital

ATLANTA -- Atlanta police are asking for the public's help in identifying a young person who was abandoned at a hospital.

Police say surveillance video shows a woman escorting him into Grady Memorial Hospital on the night of Dec. 4, and then leaving alone in a red minivan. The young man she was with, who appeared to be malnourished and is unable to communicate, was later found alone outside the hospital.

“It was fortunate there was a nurse at Grady hospital, who was on her break, who went outside, and happened to notice this young man outside, and it wasn’t right, and that he needed help and shouldn't have been left like that,” police Lt. Jeff Baxter said.

The man's age is unclear. He has no identification. Police said he may have diminished mental capacity or Down syndrome. He hasn't responded to verbal or written communications.

“Based on his diminished mental capacity, he’s not able to speak to us. He’s not able to write, so we’ve had a very hard time trying to understand who he might be and where he lives,” Baxter said.

He's currently being cared for at the hospital and has been placed in Division of Family and Child Services’ custody. Police also want to identify the woman who abandoned him. They're publicizing a surveillance image showing her wearing multicolored braids.