Digital darling BuzzFeed stages newspaper stunt

Digital darling BuzzFeed has gone retro chic, handing out 20,000 newspapers during a publicity stunt

NEW YORK -- Digital darling BuzzFeed has gone retro chic.

The online media company handed out 20,000 newspapers printed on actual paper during a publicity stunt Wednesday.

It joked it was "testing a new technology."

The company is best known for its viral posts and quizzes and has a well-regarded news division.

Cheeky treatments in the special edition included a cover story entitled: "How Momo Went From Viral Hoax to Viral Hottie."

Other articles delved into entertainment, food and millennial burnout.

There also was a serving of politics — sort of. One tasty tidbit advised against hiring Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, a "teetotaling 2020 presidential candidate," as a bartender for your next party.

The newspaper included 12 pages, including a back page devoted to advertising.