FAA seeks to fine Boeing $3.9 million for faulty jet parts

Boeing faces a possible fine of nearly $4 million after safety regulators say the company installed faulty parts on the wings of some Boeing 737 jets

Safety regulators want to fine Boeing $3.9 million, saying that the company installed wing parts on 133 planes even though it knew the parts were faulty.

Boeing said Friday that all the affected planes in use have been inspected and fixed. A spokesman said the company is not aware of any incidents involving the parts.

The FAA said the tracks were made brittle during a process in which they received a coating of cadmium and titanium, and that suppliers notified Boeing of the problem. Boeing still submitted the planes for FAA flight approval even after deciding that the slat tracks “could not be used due to a failed strength test,” according to an FAA statement.

Chicago-based Boeing has 30 days to respond to the FAA.