Manhunt for driver who ran over officer in Atlanta suburb

Police in several states are looking for a 33-year-old Tennessee man accused of running over and severely injuring an Atlanta-area police officer

FAIRBURN, Ga. -- Authorities from several states are looking for a 33-year-old Tennessee man accused of running over and seriously injuring an Atlanta-area police officer, police said.

Tauren McShan, 33, of Memphis, is wanted on charges including aggravated assault against an officer, Deputy Chief Anthony Bazydlo said Monday night.

"We've got some good leads we're following for his whereabouts," including the likelihood that he's trying to get home, Bazydlo told The Associated Press by phone.

He said Fairburn Officer Levar Sims underwent surgery but could be released from the hospital after several days. "He did sustain some internal injuries but is expected to make a full recovery with time," he said in an email.

McShan had rented the truck in the Memphis area, about 330 miles (530 km) from the Atlanta suburb of Fairburn.

Sims had answered a call for backup from an officer on routine patrol outside a hotel and saw a sleeping man in a running truck, Bazydlo told Atlanta news media. Both the first officer and Sims smelled marijuana and alcohol, he said.

According to news reports, surveillance video shows the man talking to officers outside the truck, then jumping in and driving away. Bazydlo said Sims was holding onto the truck but fell off at a speed bump and was run over.

The pickup truck was found a few miles from the hotel and just over the Fulton County line, he said.

"It all started out seemingly routine, but there's nothing routine about what we do," Bazydlo told WXIA-TV. "Initially it appeared everything was going to pan out but things turned dangerous really quickly."

He said Sims had transferred from MARTA Police to Fairburn's department in November.

"We've only had him for a few months, but he gets along with everyone and is always willing to help out," Bazydlo said.

He said that's what Sims was doing early Monday: "An officer called for backup and he was the first one to respond."