Police search for suspect after 1 shot at Oklahoma City mall

Oklahoma City police are searching through a mall for the man who shot another during an argument

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man shot another man Thursday during an argument inside an Oklahoma City mall, and police were searching stores for the suspect while also clearing out shoppers still hiding.

Sgt. Kris Gellenbeck said the victim was hospitalized in critical condition after being shot in the upper body. The shooting occurred in one of the walkways of Penn Square Mall.

Police said in a tweet that the suspect, wearing sweatpants but no shirt, was seen fleeing from an area near the Foot Locker shoe store. Gellenbeck said it wasn't known if he had left the mall or had "hunkered down somewhere" inside.

“When the shooting started, there were bunch of people hid in closets, hid in back rooms, locked the stores,” Gellenbeck said. "So they’re having to go store to store to clear the civilians out and look for the suspect.”