Police sergeant remains hospitalized after clinic shooting

Police say a sergeant who was shot during an incident at a Baltimore methadone clinic that left two people dead remains hospitalized

BALTIMORE -- Police in Baltimore said Tuesday that a sergeant who was wounded during a fatal shooting a day earlier at an addiction clinic remains hospitalized.

Sgt. Billy Shiflett, who exchanged gunfire with the shooter, is being treated for a gunshot wound in his lower abdomen. Meanwhile, an unnamed clinic employee injured during the incident was released from the hospital Monday.

Shiflett responded to the clinic shortly after 7 a.m. Monday for a report of an armed man. The man, identified by authorities Tuesday as Baltimore resident Ashanti Pinkney, shot Shiflett before he was fatally wounded by police.

Authorities have said Pinkney was buzzed into the clinic, demanded methadone and opened fire.

Police spokesman Jeremy Silbert told the Baltimore Sun that investigators believe Pinkney, 49, shot lab technician David Caldwell, who later died at a hospital. Silbert said the unnamed clinic employee was "possibly injured during the gunfire by shrapnel or other debris."

Caldwell, 52, of Baltimore, was employed by clinical lab testing giant LabCorp. The company said Tuesday that Caldwell worked at the Man Alive Treatment Center as a patient services technician specialist, helping facilitate patients' tests.

"David had been with LabCorp for five years. We will provide the authorities whatever assistance they need in their investigation," the company said in a statement.

The drug that Pinkney was seeking helps control opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It can be given only at government-regulated clinics.

Court records in Maryland show Pinkney was previously convicted on drug and theft charges.