'No signs of life' in crash of small airplane in Montana

The Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office says a small airplane crashed north of Billings, and Sheriff Mike Linder says there were “no signs of life” in the wreckage

BILLINGS, Mont. -- A small airplane crashed near Billings, and there were “no signs of life” in the wreckage, Yellowstone County officials said Sunday.

Linder said his office was still trying to determine how many people were on board. The FAA said the airplane had four occupants. A Cessna 182 is a single-engine airplane, usually with four seats.

It appeared the airplane hit a guy-wire on a 200-foot (61-meter) antenna tower on a mountain, went off the edge and tumbled down the side of the mountain, Linder said.

A Montana Highway Patrol drone was going to be used to document part of the crash site. Coroner Cliff Mahoney, Deputy Coroner Rich Hoffman and state medical examiner Dr. Robert Kurtzman also responded to the crash site, the newspaper reported.