Tornado destroys homes in weather-battered western Louisiana

A tornado in western Louisiana damaged more than a dozen homes in a part of the state still struggling to recover from repeated weather disasters

The tornado was part of a line of severe weather that moved from Texas across southern Louisiana and into Mississippi, bringing severe rain and lightening as it swept through the region.

A Lake Charles resident, April Pettefer, told The American-Press that she hid in the bathroom with her daughter, Abigail.

“I heard wind and noise and something hitting the window and thought this sounds like it could be serious,” she told the newspaper. “We just kind of stood in the bathroom, and it really was fast. By the time we realized what was happening and got there, it was over.”

A section of their home was split open and the windshields on their two cars parked outside were blown out. But no one, including the family's pets, were injured.

Wednesday's severe weather was the latest weather calamity to batter the Lake Charles region in a little over a year. Two hurricanes including the Category 4 Laura slammed the region in less than two months last fall. Then an ice storm froze pipes in February, and an intense rainstorm in May flooded houses and stranded residents.