Woman Named Amelia Earhart Honors Historic Namesake

She reaches Kilimanjaro, the halfway point of her journey, today.

July 2, 2014, 12:39 PM

July 2, 2014— -- A Colorado woman named Amelia Earhart is flying around the world in honor of her historic namesake and will arrive today near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, reaching the halfway point of her 24,300 nautical mile journey.

"We see Kilimanjaro!" pilot Earhart wrote today on her Twitter page. "We are 154 miles out and we can see the snow-capped peak."

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Earhart, whose full name is Amelia Rose Earhart and has no relation to famed aviator Amelia Mary Earhart, who went missing 77 years ago on July 2, has been recording her flight on social media.

"On this day in 1937 Amelia Earhart went missing. Her spirit of adventure lives on in many women around the world," Earhart tweeted today.

Earhart began her retracing of the flight around the world last Wednesday from Denver and is scheduled to return home July 12. She has since made stops in Miami, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil and Senegal, according to her website, The Amelia Earhart Project.

She is co-piloting her single engine plane with Shane Jordan, also of Colorado.