Woman tells cops she had casino mogul Steve Wynn's baby after he sexually assaulted her

Woman tells police she had casino mogul Steve Wynn's baby after sexual assault.

— -- Two women have told Las Vegas Police they were victims of sexual misconduct by casino mogul Steve Wynn, including one who alleges she had the billionaire's baby in a gas station restroom in the 1970s after he repeatedly sexually assaulted her, according to reports obtained by ABC News.

The new allegations against the 76-year-old Wynn -- the former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, who President Donald Trump has called a "great friend" -- surfaced in the past month, according to Las Vegas Police reports.

Wynn was forced to step down from his gambling and resort empire on Feb. 6 after The Wall Street Journal reported that a number of women claimed he had assaulted or harassed them, including one who received a $7.5 million settlement from Wynn.

In a statement to ABC News today, Wynn's spokesman slammed the new accusations, saying Wynn "has never been supplied with these unsubstantiated accounts or the names of these accusers by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department."

"It’s revolting that the media repeated such inflammatory claims from events that supposedly occurred four decades ago without the slightest bit of fact-checking or skepticism," the spokesman said. "This is not journalism. It is the peddling of smut and it is atrociously unfair to Mr. Wynn, his family and friends. Mr. Wynn is left to ask this simple question: When did we abandon such fundamental fairness, due process and decency?"

Wynn previously released a statement, saying, "The idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous.”

“We find ourselves in a world where people can make allegations, regardless of the truth, and a person is left with the choice of weathering insulting publicity or engaging in multi-year lawsuits," Wynn said in the statement.

A day after Wynn announced he was stepping down as chief executive of Wynn Resorts, a woman contacted the Las Vegas Police Department and claimed Wynn repeatedly sexually assaulted her between 1973 and 1974 when she lived in Chicago, according to the report.

In one encounter, she told police she was in her apartment when Wynn came in unannounced, according to the report.

"She was exercising in her old apartment and when she stood up, Stephan Wynn was standing in front of her and said a word that she didn't understand, and then pinned her up against the refrigerator and raped her as she was standing holding onto the refrigerator," the report said. "Stephan then called someone for a few minutes then came and kissed her on the cheek and said he had to go and then added [I'll] call you later."

"When he left, she was still standing holding onto the refrigerator and looked at the window and saw her reflection, crying, and asking herself what just happened, what did he say?" according to the report.

She said a few days after the attack, Wynn struck again, according to the report.

She told police that "after her shower, she wrapped herself in the towel and was going to the bedroom and there was Stephan, sitting at the kitchen table," the report said. "He got up and says some words, pinned her to the wall forcing himself on her then just like before, he called someone, kissed her on the cheek and said he would call her later and left."

"She was standing holding onto the wall and the towel was on the floor, and she was crying, saying to herself, why her, what did she do to be treated so badly, and why is he coming to her apartment," the report continued. "She didn't give him a key to her apartment."

The woman told police she became pregnant from the assaults and gave birth in a gas station restroom.

"It was a hot, steamy afternoon and she needed to go to the restroom. She saw a gas station and went in to the restroom," according to the report. "She was in pain standing by the wall and gave birth."

"The baby was laying on her feet inside the water bag," she told police, according to the report.

She described the baby as a "doll inside a water bag," the report said.

"She used her teeth to make a small opening, then with her fingers opened the water bag and saw that the doll was purple. She started to blow on her and in a short time, her cheeks were turning pink and she opened her eyes. She look so much like her," the report said.

She told police a gas station attendant came into the restroom, saw her and called an ambulance. She said her daughter now lives in Las Vegas and has her own family, the report said.

In another case reported to Las Vegas Police on Jan. 29 -- two days after The Wall Street Journal's report on Wynn was published -- a 67-year-old woman claimed that while she was a card dealer at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas between 1974 and 1976, she and Wynn, who owned the casino, had sexual relationship.

According to that report, she told police "the sex was consensual but she felt coerced to perform the acts."

In the summer of 1976, she said she tried to end the relationship.

"She told him 'no.' She was done and had someone she was seeing," according to the report. "She was soon after accused of stealing $40.00 and forced to resign."

Las Vegas Police would only say they are investigating the allegations made by both women. It was unclear if detectives will ask to question Wynn about the accusations.