The Worst US Cities for Mosquitoes

PHOTO: Orkin released its Top 20 list of US cities with the worst case of mosquitoes.Getty Images
Orkin released its Top 20 list of US cities with the worst case of mosquitoes.

With summer approaching, there's loads to think about -- from sandals and sunblock to swimming pools and vacations -- but do you know how your city ranks when it comes to those pesky, buzzing blood suckers called mosquitoes?

Orkin, a pest-control company, released its list of the "20 Worst Mosquito Cities in the U.S." on Monday.

The company ranked U.S. cities by the number of people who had requested that their homes be treated for mosquitoes in 2014. Let's just say, if you're in the Southeast, stock up on bug spray. Nine of the cities that ranked the worst for mosquitoes were in that part of the U.S. Atlanta took the unfortunate top spot. See how the rest did below.

The worst cities:

1. Atlanta, Georgia
2. Chicago, Illinois
3. Washington DC
4. Detroit, Michigan
5. Houston, Texas
6. Raleigh–Durham, North Carolina
7. Boston, Massachusetts
8. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
9. Charlotte, North Carolina
10. Nashville, Tennessee
11. Memphis, Tennessee
12. Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek, Michigan
13. Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida
14. Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia
15. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
16. New York
17. Cleveland-Akron, Ohio
18. Greenville – Spartanburg, South Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina
19. Albany–Schenectady–Troy, New York
20. Knoxville, Tennessee